21 thoughts on “Wow EA. Knew ur games were expensive but dang. One hell of a deal though

  1. This is why they took the 2002 models for the chips in the super bowl. Even the NFL didn’t want to spend that

  2. Fact: there was a console called the neo geo which was way ahead of it’s time.. but games really did cost like 300 plus each.

  3. New pricing model is that the base game costs $60 and then you have to pay to unlock each team.

  4. Not counting the other $500 for pay to win micro transactions. The $600 didn’t count.

  5. I can’t play sports games anymore. Haven’t for years. So boring and nothing super creative about them. Plus in 10-12 months they’re outdated and worthless.

    EDIT (forgot to write this first): After a loss like that in the Super Bowl, I can see why it’s cheaper.

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