Would love to see NFL kits in ultimate team

u/rebelaum Created some awesome concept kits

Carolina Panthers kit https://i.redd.it/1h4ujp7lqnf01.jpg

New Orleans Saints kit https://i.redd.it/cm3m73n5sff01.jpg

Minnesota Vikings kits https://i.redd.it/itp9r4eohef01.jpg
and https://i.redd.it/r3lag00d82f01.jpg

Amazing work by u/rebelaum

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10 thoughts on “Would love to see NFL kits in ultimate team

  1. I would love basketball jerseys as well just add some white sleeves or something. Love the SanAnt Spurs jerseys

  2. So cool, if they had a lions one I’d never wear anything but that. #RestoreTheRoar

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