23 thoughts on “With the Winter Olympics here, time to bust out the best snowboarding game I know.

  1. If you’re breaking out the OG Xbox then you should really consider trying Amped. That game is great.

  2. I was a huge fan of SSX: On Tour but 3 was also very good. The newer SSX though? Absolute trash.

  3. it’s not just the best snowboard game you know. it’s the best snowboard game there is.

  4. i think your forgetting about W E S K I A N D S N O W B O A R D F O R T H E N I N T E N D O W I I

  5. Omg, I played this game online ’til the servers shut down. This was my life in middle school. The only game I’ve ever seen where the online component was literally just a chatroom where you could challenge people.

  6. You mean, the worst snowboarding game ever..!? right?

    Did you try a real snowboarding game like amped?

    SSX is a complete non snowboarding game, its an arcade shit game

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