With all the press about Wolfenstein being proudly anti-Nazi, here’s a relevant scene from The New Order.

Met alle pers over Wolfenstein trots zijn anti-Nazi, is hier een relevante scene uit The New Order.

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22 thoughts on “With all the press about Wolfenstein being proudly anti-Nazi, here’s a relevant scene from The New Order.

  1. Did I just miss this conversation entirely? I finished New Order just last week and never had the interaction. Figured J was just there as a fun little Jimmy Hendrix nod or something.

  2. Are we really living in a time when being anti-Nazi is considered a problem?

  3. You should have let that seen kept going, he literally smacks her to the ground and tells her this is not about black or white its about killing nazis

  4. Ah yes, broad generalizations about an entire race, a racist’s favorite recourse.

  5. Glad they put the subtitles on here just in case I couldn’t read the subtitles that were already there.

  6. Conflating lynching, a vigilante crime, with a state run genocide: lazy.

  7. Do you think… maybe… possibly… that this whole “Wolfenstein/Nazi” thing might… just might… be a marketing campaign?

    Where the whole “Nazi are outraged!” thing is just to gin up outrage and interest in the game?

    A “find out why *they* hate this product” kind of thing

    Because it sure stinks of a marketing campaign.

  8. This is very relevant. I’m glad someone has the balls to stand up for all the lynchings going on these days.

  9. Nothing like escaping reality in games only for people to drag it back in.

    edit: I’m tired of being told my opinion is wrong, if you care enough feel free to message me directly.

  10. Due to that cut off of the gif I’m going to believe they ended up kissing and hugging that argument out.

  11. In this very same game, jews have a fucking batcave full of magic artifacts. Let’s not take it too seriously.

  12. Nothing makes me want to buy a game like some Anti-White sentiment.

  13. Too many amreicans still dont see how similar their racism are with Nazis, especially few decades ago.

  14. A game that is 100% about killing nazis is still not anti nazi enough, my grandpa is spinning in his grave right now

  15. Nobodies angry, you don’t honestly believe anyone that has a different opinion than you is this sensitive do you? But trying to apply scenes from virtual reality, to whatever is happening today, is like trying to time travel in your car because you watched Back to the Future. Social commentary is one thing but dude this is a videogame

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