Wife bought me this “Kingdom Hearts” soup because she “recognized the guy’s hair”. Bless her, she’s trying!

De vrouw kocht me deze "Kingdom Hearts" -soep omdat ze "het haar van de man herkende". Zegen haar, ze probeert het!

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107 thoughts on “Wife bought me this “Kingdom Hearts” soup because she “recognized the guy’s hair”. Bless her, she’s trying!

  1. Well, KH2 does make direct reference to the similarity between Sora and Cloud’s hair. So she didn’t actually do that bad.

  2. At the very least it’s solid proof that she’s got true love for you OP. Extremely wholesome

  3. In reality, “OP found a cup of noodles with cloud on it and wanted to post it online but needed a better title and story to get upvotes”

  4. God damn cup noodles were so heavily product placed in FFXV. That and Coleman’s camping supplies. And Vivienne Westwood weirdly

  5. My wife freaked out and bought a pack of this because “OMG IT’S THE NOODLE CUP FROM FFXV!!”

  6. I bought you this [insert JRPG here] soup because I recognized the [insert JRPG character here]’s hair.

    Solid effort, to be honest.

  7. I was part of the Dissidia Fantasy Finals tournament last month and they gave everyone packs of these. I had chicken flavored and seafood.

    Then mailed me 4 more ramens and a fidget spinner for competing.

  8. My wife told me to get myself something on Steam for Christmas. I chose Okami HD. She said “The one with the wolf? Don’t you have that already?”

    *Gasp* “You DO care about my hobbies!”

  9. Bless her heart, and in her defence Cloud has been in most KH games so she’s not wrong

  10. That’s awesome she supports it . She’s trying and that’s awesome. Sounds like you have a keeper friend.

  11. Definitely just bought the Kingdom Hearts remix bundle on PS4 for $20. So far I’ve only been home to play it once, but I’m already excited to gtfo of Traverse Town, which is a feeling I don’t remember having when I played it in high school.

  12. That’s so funny. My office buys these in bulk. I noticed the other day i thought it was Cloud on the cover.

  13. Swear to god my math teacher sells Raman noodles at our school and I saw this on one of them and I died

  14. Btw cup noodles sponsors a lot of smaller gaming tournaments. Respect +1. Thanks cup

  15. I know the word is technically on the label but calling cup noodle just “soup” sounds more bizarre to me than Cloud as a Kingdom Hearts representative

    On second thought, he’s technically in the game as well…

  16. I’m pretty sure a lot of the Smash 4 community wants to ban these noodles in doubles

  17. To be fair, cloud has been in many of the Kingdom Hearts releases, so it’s understandable confusion if she isn’t that avid a gamer.

  18. If my girlfriend put in a quarter of this effort she’d no longer be my girlfriend of 8 years.

  19. Look how nice my wife is, she’s trying to acknowledge my interest. Better post how clueless she are

  20. That’s my boi

    Roxas, right?

    Yeah. Ventus seems like the right guy here.

    It’s nice they chose vanitus for the noodles

  21. I saw those at Aldi. I wanted to buy them because I thought it was a new flavor… Nope!

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