35 thoughts on “Why are PC gamers so sad?

  1. Why did the console gamer cross the road? To render the buildings on the other side.

  2. Why did the console gamer have a headache in the art museum?

    Too many frames.

  3. Why did the console war break out?

    They couldn’t reach a better resolution!

  4. um…. command prompt is also called the console… and in game? Hit the ~ key.

  5. This post is so stupid…. but you know what? Fuck it, I’m upvoting.

  6. I have a PC and 6 consoles. I only game on my PC but I can still console whoever I want too. Check mate.

  7. Because oftentimes gamers have long to-do lists and end up running from reality by playing games. At the end of the day you realise that the only thing that you accomplished today were ingame dailies.

  8. What do PC gamers and superheroes have in common?
    An Origin story.

  9. Because the human eye can’t see all those frames per second…</s>

  10. I only treat my Xbox for my 18 month old daughter to watch the wiggles.

    She walks to my gaming pc gets on my steam games and plays with a keyboard and mouse.
    I’m not sad, I’m happy she choose that route.

  11. I thought that it had to do with the fact that several smaller titles released only on PC were developed in Central Europe in what used to be parts of the Soviet Union and as a result the games are a lot less optimistic compared to the Western standard because these studios are in countries still suffering from the economic collapse of the Union or just poverty in general.

    But yeah, you do you.

  12. Because the business is fucking us over and we know it, and can’t seem to do anything about it.

  13. because we never got to play bloodbor… oh, just a pun. hah. I knew that.

  14. Oh we console each other all the time. Like when we say to each other. Dude its alright at least you don’t have a xbox or PS you have something far more superior.

  15. Good job on your copy/paste skills, you should go work with EA on NHL 19.

    edit:Just a joke people Love EA and NHL series

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