19 thoughts on “Who is your most scoring CB?

  1. Pretty similar to yours, I have Miranda with 6 goals in 59 matches and Laporte also has 6 from a different team I have but that was in much more matches and I don’t use him now

  2. Probably have less than 10 with over 500 games with Bailly. Easily less than 10 I’d guess in probably over 600 games actually. I’ll check but nobody will care that much. I might forget, we’ll see.

    Edit: 694 games 10 goals

  3. Koulibally 260 games 12 goals, pretty sure they’re all corners that he’s scored from.

    But I think more impressively is that my manolas 229 games 4 goals because I don’t think there’s anyone worse than manolas at scoring goals. Some of the misses I’ve had still give me shivers.

  4. Only play SB, it’s Varane. He has like 30 goals in less than 150 games. Half of his goals have been overhead kicks scored from a corner kick lol

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