22 thoughts on “When you try to play games with a friend who doesn’t use a computer often…

  1. Props to the steam installer though for not showing something like “You have 173815392639 bytes available”, which is, for some reason, a popular way of showing your available space.

  2. Considering he leaves IE in his taskbar, he doesn’t computer very often either.

  3. Let’s just say that he wouldn’t be my friend anymore after this.

  4. To be fair, that would take up half his drive after one Christmas sale.

  5. And here I was trying to figure out why the default folder to install Steam should mean anything.

  6. From someone who doesn’t even own a computer…. I don’t get it.

    Ah ok I could have figured that out. Couldn’t make out the “MB” on my shitty phone. Also… lol at the downvotes for asking a fucking question.

  7. Half? That’s mb to gb, so more like 1/1600th of the space.

  8. Why does he even has 800gb free? Doesn’t he watch porn?

  9. If your friend is that mentally retarded, they should be in a facility, not using a computer.

    “I don’t play PC games often” is not a valid excuse for being utterly technologically incompetent in 2017, when computers have been normal household items for 30 years.

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