53 thoughts on “When you accidentally pause the screenshot tool just right.. [Shadow of War]

  1. That’s one of the shaming animations I hadn’t seen yet.

  2. That’s some thought out camera work, I appreciate that OP

  3. “Accidentally”

    We all know you were just trying to get some material for the gay ogre-human domination porn community. Admit it OP!

  4. I guess the new Ring of Power that Talion & Celebrimbor are trying to forge will be a troll-sized cock ring.

  5. Lol. All jokes aside, how’s the gameplay? I’m slowly working through Shadow of Mordor and debating starting this before finishing, but then I’ll feel like I might miss out on some of the plot/lore.

  6. Every effen family photo ever taken by an older relative..

    ‘Hold on.. I’m looking for the button.. I’m not sure it took that one..’

  7. Somebody once told me
    Middle Earth was going to roll me
    Now a troll is forcing me to give heaaad

    He was looking kinda dumb
    With his fingers in his bum
    And slapping shit on his forehead

    Well it keeps cumming and it won’t stop cummin
    Filled up my mouth now it’s just a runnin
    Never made sense not to live for cum
    It’s dicks hard and my heads numb

    So much to swallow so many seeds
    So what’s wrong with blowing you in my backseat?

    You never know if you don’t blow
    That’s not snot coming out my nose!

    Hey now I’m an orc star take my clothes off get laid
    Hey now that’s a lot of jizz, it’s ok
    All that semen is gold
    Only big ass trolls bust a fat load

  8. For anyone wondering, I’m about 5 hours in and haven’t felt the need at all to even look at the loot boxes. It’s still a shitty practice but just throwing that out there.

  9. <record scratch>

    <freeze frame>

    Yep, that’s me. You might be wondering how I ended up like this…

  10. beautiful modeling, that level of detail in a game is spectacular

  11. Reminds me when I and my friends used to pause super smash bros all the time to laugh at ridiculous poses etc.

  12. “…why’d he slip his meaty paw behind my head?…oh, no, oh no no NO NO NONONONOOOOOO–ARGLEBARGLEGAARRG!”

  13. I see a lot of people tagging r/suddenlygay but I think r/gaymers is a bit more appropriate

  14. This is the nerd coming out in me, but It’s amazing that developers spend so much time creating engines that can render extremely complex models and detailed skins of characters and environments, but don’t implement dynamic shadowing.

    It takes away so much of the realism.

  15. I seriously haven’t owned a video game since the days of Genesis. This level of detail, even on a frozen zoom, is nothing short of miraculous to me.

    I remember thinking it was cool that I actually got Mafia II’s demo to “run” (3 to 5 FPS) on a RIVA 128 graphics card. Though I think that says more about them writing it well than anything about the card =)

    My cousin is much younger and plays the Star Wars games, I think it’s called Battlefield, where you’re splashing around in mud puddles, and it blows my freaking mind. I’m only 33 but I have just been so far out of exposure that I feel like I just came out of a time capsule.

    I am almost glad I haven’t had the time/funds for it to really have a place in my life, otherwise I’d probably have at least one window of time where I just wasted away playing it.

    Hell, I couldn’t get my friend to let me borrow the controller on his Playstation for longer than five minutes to play GTA *3*.

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