52 thoughts on “When an NPC starts talking shit…

  1. For ever repost of this image, Bethesda will release Skyrim for a new platform.

  2. The Dovakhin smirks and walks away. A sudden chill runs down Kjeld’s spine, glimpses of a future that never happened.

  3. QuickSaving? Oh hell no. I’m taking his ass out without saving paying my bounty and walking away like it never happened.

    Teach all them NPC bitches to be talkin shit

  4. How to tell the player that you prefer to have your soul inside some gem, then used to enchant some thing.

    He is actually seeking for immortality.

  5. Quicksaving before a fight like this is like asking the person for a time out to put on your helmet, kneepads, and ebowguards.

    Punk ass bitch. You gotta put that NPC in his place with confidence and authority.

  6. Yeah Skyrim NPCs are not built to take into account the deeds and achievements of the Dragon Born lol…

    That fucking kid in Whiterun always gets on my nerve. If some lad walked in full decked armor and a sword bigger than i then i would definitely not say shit lol…

  7. What the fuck is with all the Skyrim reposts recently? It’s like 3/4 of /r/gaming these days. Did all the repost bots just get reset?

  8. Obligatory: General Reposti!

    For fucks sake, do you really need fake internet points that badly to validate yourself?

  9. Take off all your armor and weapons and beat that dude to death like he was too fucking blonde.

  10. I use to be a reddit noob. Just occasional browser. Reposts didn’t bother me, usually new content.

    But now I see how often reposts get reposted…and sympathize with those people who hate on reposts now. I see where they come from.

  11. If they’re non essential and aren’t involved in any quests, i mean you might as well give them what they want

  12. When I saw him I was way too high a level and he said this. I unequipped my weapons and punched him once. 1/2 his health was gone. I just stood there for what felt like forever till he got me down to 1/2 then I just punched him once more.

  13. I usually don’t see reposts on this sub so I don’t get why this one gets reposted so many times

  14. If they could add a way for the npc’s to “remember” through the save it would be amazing. Like no bounty or anything just some new dialogue like “I could swear he tore my arm off”

  15. Why even quick save? Fuck this guy, you don’t deserve to be a part of this play-through.

  16. i love it when an npc in civilization start talking shit to me unprovoked. i spend the rest of the time trying to destroy him.

  17. OP and others, use [KarmaDecay.com](http://karmadecay.com/)

    When you enter a URL of a pic or gif, it will show you how many times it’s been (re)posted on Reddit. Mods will usually let one slide if it’s been 6 months to a year since the last one, but I’ve seen this one so many times. KarmaDecay.com!!

  18. I wouldn’t have even quicksaved.

    Ok *Kjeld the younger* your day just got real bad.

  19. I’m sure it’s a repost but this genuinely made me laugh. Thank you for that after the day I had.

  20. I hope you live to watch your daughter come home in tears and run up to her room in shame after being raped on prom night, fucking reposters.

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