9 thoughts on “What is the best pirate game?

  1. Depends on the player, but some gems are the obvious;

    – Sid Meier’s Pirates remastered

    The classic so good that nobody bothered making a pirate game for decades after. Conveniently on steam now in remastered format. You play a bit like an RTS top down view of the seas with mini games for the individual parts. Even if it’s old tis worth playing.

    This is probably ‘best pirate game’ by default because it is the foundation of the genre.

    – Assassins Creed Black Flag

    Played assassins creed and didn’t like it? Never played assassins creed because it’s just not your sort of game? Want to be convinced you’re wrong?

    Basically this game they created a rip roaring pirate adventure and gently killed the AC genre by showing everyone how much fun it would be if they scrapped their usual formula. This game kinda has it all.

  2. Back in the days, I really enjoyed playing Sea Dogs: An Epic Adventure at Sea. I don’t know if anyone else remembers that game.

  3. By a long stretch it would be Sea of Thieves for me. It’s not out for another month but the beta was amazing fun.

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