What do people think of Prime Okocha?

Thinking of doing his SBC. Was a machine for me back in FIFA 14 (with Jon Obi Mikel ever present for chemistry) . I don’t have much time to play Fifa and never play FUTChamps, 90% of my games are against friends so I’m just wanting fun players, how is he?

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9 thoughts on “What do people think of Prime Okocha?

  1. He’s fantastic for me in CAM, really enjoy him. He has his downsides but he’s super fun to play around with with his dribbling and 5* skills.

    I don’t think I’m ever gonna replace him tbh.

  2. okocha is super fun to play with. very agile and good ball control. only downside is that he a little weak. cant forget the 5* skills though!

  3. He’s unbelievable for me, many YouTubers criticised his stamina but there’s nothing wrong with it he lasts the full 90 for me. Might be an issue in extra time but it’s not as bad as people say. He’s got 18 goals and 10 assists in 15 games and that’s between playing cam and st. His finesse shots are incredible and the 5* skills makes him far more enjoyable.

  4. If you’re just looking to put fun players into your team there aren’t too many better options than prime okocha. The dribbling and skills are phenomenal

  5. I kinda wish i did deco of sumone so i cud still have him but got too hyped when he came out lol

  6. He brought back some fun in this version of Fifa for me. Great at dribbling and the long shots he can make are insane. Same with free kicks. I have him and Neymar paired up and just try to do skill runs all day.

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