Weekend League Drinking Game

Good way to numb your mind to the shitfest that is weekend league. You know how it goes. Take a shot every time:

-Loading screen comes up and your opponent has a Bayern triangle, Manchester United triangle, or at least five icons

-Opponent pauses to change formation/positions

-Bakayoko shoves your strikers to the ground uncalled

-Gabriel Jesus outmuscles your center backs

-Lozano/Sonaldo is subbed in

-Your keeper misses an easy low driven save or rebounds it straight back to the opposing striker

-The game fast forwards to compensate for the lag from EA’s shitty servers

-You concede a goal due to player switching being inconsistent

-Eric Bailly outruns your strikers

If anyone makes it 40 games with a BAC less then 10 percent I will be amazed.

EDIT: several people have pointed out that the game wouldn’t last too long. Substitute a shot for a sip of a beer or similar alcoholic beverage and voila 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Weekend League Drinking Game

  1. Use beer.
    5 drinks for giving up a goal
    5 for scoring a goal
    5 for yellow, 10 for a red
    5 for giving up a penalty
    10 for a corner, defender, or set piece goal
    5 for woodwork, offensive or defensive

    In the old days you used to be able to slide tackle players after the whistle without punishment. It was damn near the best part of the game. So if I take you out late, you drank 5. However, as often happened, if your guy evaded my guy, I had to drink. Shame they took that out.

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