12 thoughts on “U.S. officials ‘mocked Britain in secret and treated idea of special relationship as a joke’

  1. Who cares, nobody in the UK believes we had a special relationship.

    I do find adding las Malvinas as insulting, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from these people.

  2. I remember a sequence of a French tv show where they put together all the “[Insert country name] is our greatest ally” of Obama everytime he was visiting a European country. The guy always stroke me as a complete arrogant hypocrite. So no surprise here.

  3. “Special relationship” is a Churchill propaganda term aimed at convincing American voters to support the UK after WWII despite their economic collapse. It’s long outlived its purpose and it’s at least a bit ironic that anyone in the UK should believe it’s a real thing.

    UK has a special relationship with commonwealth countries. US has a special relationship with Canada, Japan, and a number of Pacific island nation dependencies. US-UK relations are just typical close relations.

  4. It sounds more like he was making fun of the idea that he had to mention the term “special relationship” at every press conference rather than making much of a statement about the special relationship itself.


    > Mr Shapiro told the Cheltenham Literature Festival: “From my perspective it was very important for us to mention the special relationship in every press conference that we had when the UK were here.

    >“But really we laughed about it behind the scenes. Typically, I would try and slip in a reference to the Malvinas or something to spoil it.”

  5. Obama wasn’t keen on the British this was well known at the time and why his interference during the Brexit referendum was taken very badly by the British public.

  6. Special relationship has always been fictitious. The Americans have screwed us royally over the course of the 20th century.

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