59 thoughts on “Transforming Macross YF-19 in Kerbal Space Program

  1. For anyone who hasn’t played KSP, it’s difficult to get a REGULAR rocket into space without exploding. I can’t imagine how long it took to get this rigged up. Incredible.

  2. watching your dudes face is hilarious… he’s so elated when you are coming down for the landing.

  3. The only problem with that clip is that they used the wrong pilot.

    Jeb or Valentina would have the faces to match the, umm, ‘exuberant’ flying on display…

  4. This is exactly why I want an open-world Transformers or Robotech game… this is awesome.

  5. I’m happy to see Macross Plus referenced today on my feed โ˜บ It’s one of my favourites!

  6. Hell yeah! YF-19 > YF-22 and pretty much anything else in that universe.

    Dark-ass OVA though, can’t believe it’s 20 years old.

  7. Sometimes there’s a skill gap in gaming.

    Sometimes there’s a mismatch of a fundamental understanding of the game.

  8. Thank you once again, Reddit, for showing me a game for which I have neither the brainpower nor time.


  9. Find it hard to believe this is vanilla.. hard enough keeping parts together on a regular rocket

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