22 thoughts on “Today I drew Red from Transistor! (x-post from /r/Supergiantgames)

  1. I looked at some of your other work too, gotta say I love that chobits chii you drew! My favorite one for sure. Great style. Seems like you do a great job at mixing the anime eastern style with the cartoonish western style really well, hopefully that’s what you’re going for with your style lol.

  2. This is amazing also how strange, I bought a vinyl figure of her and it came in today.

  3. So desperate to include cleavage that you made her chest look totally weird. Hard to ignore.

  4. Like like you spent more time on the boobs than eyeballs but maybe that’s just me

  5. Well done! Loved this game, platinumed it and bought the vinyl OST too.

  6. The ending of this game just depressed me. Ok so we can be together in this cyber world, until someone in the real world just finds the “sword” and throws it in a trash compactor!

  7. Been thinking about buying this game for a while. Maybe it’s time now.
    And i agree, as other has said. Great work 🙂

  8. Now do the Reader from Pyre.

    Oh wait you don’t see him/her…

  9. This is close to what I imaged Elayne Trakand from Wheel of TIme would look like.

  10. It looks great but I feel like that her face should be a bit slimmer. Also those boobs are too prominent

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