55 thoughts on “This game did DLC right.

  1. Oblivion had shivering isles which is almost a Game on its own.

  2. >Customizable houses

    *Pick from a preselected list of three options for each wing & have no say on furniture placement, only whether or not you want to add a chair or chest*

  3. Dragonborn is probably the best DLC I’ve ever played. They absolutely nailed the Lovecraft vibe, and the areas and boss fights were amazing.

  4. The Soul Cairn was worse than the endless draugr dungeons.

  5. I feel like it is forgotten but DA:O Awakening was about a 15-20 hour expansion on top of an 80 hour game. It was fantastic as well.

  6. The features added by dawnguard were what you played it for. For story didn’t really expand on the whole vampires vs hunters. And the story kept sending you to different sides of the map to make it feel longer.

    Hearthfire was essentially a compilation of mods that had existed for months before.

    Dragonborn was easily the best out of the three

  7. And then they went and spoiled it all by doing something stupid like paid mods.

  8. Dragonborn was the only DLC the community loved when it first came out. Weird how people view fondly of *Hearthfire* now.

  9. Tribunal and Bloodmoon are still the best expansions I’ve ever played.

  10. >New gameplay mechanic (dragon riding)

    Which was a gimmick mechanic that was barely doable and honestly pretty bad.

    >Advanced cooking

    Another really dulled and bad mechanic to be honest. The rest from hearthfire is mostly flavor, but hey, it’s fun and good flavor. The cooking was just a let down.

    But yeah, generally would agree what the DLC’s for skyrim and oblivion weren’t bad. Got some outliers of bad dlc (horse armor, individually priced homes), but the actual expansions were nice. Out of the two, would rule that dawnguard isn’t as nice of a DLC as the other big expansions, but *getting to go back to Solstheim is hard to compete with.*

  11. This just made me realize how much new stuff I have to play when Skyrim comes to the switch. I’m glad I haven’t played the dlc yet

  12. I thought Hearthfire was cute but pretty ‘meh’ as far as a reason to play the game more. It was better added into the game existing.

    I mean if we wanna talk about good expansion how ’bout we take it further back?

    Y’know, like.. when expansion were 75%+ of the original game, new races/characters/classes/continents, and not just 8 hours more of a 80 hour game.

    Shadows of Amn? Mask of the Betrayer? I mean, fuck, EQ’s Kunark expansion dramatically boosted the game size. They really just don’t make it like that anymore, most “expansion”-esque DLCs these days just don’t feel that worth it.

    Maybe it’s just me but it’s hard for me to jump into a game I spent 80+ hours on and play it for 6 hours and actually give a fuck again.. at least not without starting over. And that’s hard to do when I’ve already played it through two or three times since release.

  13. Personally I felt like Oblivion did it’s expansions and dlc way better than Skyrim. Skyrim was a big dissappointment to me overall. Especially after the two dlcs.

  14. And yet its only thanks to user created (free) mods that you can kill those little bastard children.

  15. HALT RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! You just made a post about Skyrim not only saying something positive about it, but without referencing the superior ES IV: Oblivion, or the immensely superior ES III: Morrowind. Not a single mention of Oblivion’s engaging questlines, heavy role-playing emphasis, or the fact that you don’t have a map to rely on in Morrowind. Repent now, or Talos save you!

  16. I remember Hearthfire and Dawnguard getting critically and anecdotally panned because they were short and expensive, and didn’t really add much OR added things they really should have been in the base game.

    Dragonborn was pretty great though.

  17. Servants?! What do you mean servants??? How? I had to sell my bloody xbox and I’m finding this out now years later?! C’mon man I’ve bought the game 7 times already….

  18. Damn bruh this is what I call settling. Look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, now THAT game did DLC right.

  19. Yeah except for that Dawnguard literally had the illusion of choice, literally none of your choices really matter. It was disappointing replaying it and realizing it’s the same thing as the other side, but with different enemies.

  20. They also decided to re-release it a million times over making a new game in the series, then threw in the Cancer Club for good measure. Let’s not act like Bethesda doesn’t belong on every shit list.

  21. I like Civ 5’s DLC better. Two major expansions and a bunch of one or two-civ packs, and you can get the whole thing for $15 on sale.

  22. Man, never thought the sequel to horse armour would get commended for its DLC.

  23. The DLC was indeed incredible. One of the few instances where you really got your money’s worth.

    Of course they won’t make another game until 2040 so there’s that.

  24. Well except the “special” of edition or what ever it was where they just incorporateed mods from the community and expected people to pay for the game again

  25. Two things, though: when Hearthfire launched, there were already free mods on PC that did what it does, only better. So it’s kind of a shit deal, unless you’re on console. And the ability to adopt children was present in vanilla.

  26. I didn’t play any of the skyrim DLC until the PS4 version came out, the vanilla game was enough for me on PS3, then playing through it again on PS4 with the DLC added to the experience so much, wish I would of purchased them back in the day!

  27. Uuuuuuummmm what?!

    The dlc was super shallow, I definitely had fun, but it was nothing like fallout new vegas dlc, or even oblivion, or borderlands, or borderlands 2, or so many games that did it better.

  28. In my opinion DLC is something that expands and enhances a game, not something that completes it.

  29. Hearthfire: take all the best user-made mods from steam, put our name on them, and make players pay for them.

    Precursor to today’s paid mod scam

  30. Wait. Bandits and Giants attack your home? Why has this never happened to me?

  31. Still waiting on that next Elder Scrolls. Hopefully by 2019

  32. Are all of these included in the legendary edition? Need to know before I buy it.

  33. “Better adopt some of these orphans I’ve been making.”

  34. This is going to continue to be the exception if people continue paying for rubbish DLC

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