52 thoughts on “This 3D Pokeball cartridge case!

  1. I have the stuff, but then I realized I own exactly one Switch cartridge despite having 6+ games.

    Edit: Guys why are you upvoting this shit post, are you that proud of me for only owning one Switch game on cart, or are you super pumped I have a 3D printer, or what? Don’t upvote this. Stop.

  2. Why are you posting something you didn’t make, a few hours after the OP posted it? Are you that desperate for fake internet points that you want to steal someone else’s?

  3. I couldn’t have one of these because my friends ever saw it they would instinctively throw ot across the room.

  4. Hate to point this out, but all those games are gonna get trashed as soon as you start doing some real Pokemon shit!

  5. Sweet, so this way I can put all my stuff that people want to steal into one easy to steal container that people would want to steal even without the extra-stealable stuff inside it!

  6. And then somebody comes to house and throws the poke ball yelling ” I choose you picachu” and your games go everywhere or break.

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