33 thoughts on “These coffee tables..

  1. Most of these make for pretty terrible coffee tables, especially the ones with the analog sticks.

  2. Welcome to The Male College-Student Emporium. We’ve got everything only you’ll want.

  3. Am I crazy or was this guys first table a reddit post a while back?

  4. Jesus I wonder how much the super Mario cartridge table would cost

  5. The start and select buttons on the SNES controller aren’t centered.

  6. I think I’d term this along the lines of “Tacky but well executed”. I’d personally prefer a flat coffee table without irregular corners or edges, but having a nerdy design would be interesting

  7. So do I have to blow in the Super Mario 3 one before I use it or what?

  8. You have to blow into the table before you can use it.

  9. “These coffee tables… Have been reposted at least 10 times.” FTFY

  10. As it turns out, these are massive cartridges that work! Slap one in into your massively working console and hook it up to a tv. Whip out your, two person required, single controller…I mean, that’s how it would be if my imagination was real :/

  11. They are beautiful but not really functional especially the Xbox pad tables.

  12. that Zelda one could be legit in my man/gaming cave, got a link?

    Pun intended

  13. Please tell me there are stacks of placemats shaped and designed as cartridges that go in those drawers.

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