2 thoughts on “Theresa May won’t say if she’d vote for Brexit now

  1. As is proper. She likely hasn’t changed her opinion, but saying she doesn’t support the actions her own government is currently taking just isn’t right.

  2. >And her “open and honest” answer, which refused to come down on either side creates the strange situation where the prime minister appears unwilling to give full-throated support to her government’s main policy.

    I don’t like this sentence. It implies that the PM is failing to do her job, while in an official capacity she has done nothing in opposition to Brexit.

    If you want a litmus test of personal beliefs, we can have politicians all claim that their deepest personal convictions have shifted to fit with current policy. I can name politicians who have down exactly that. I think that it’s dishonest and I’d rather not have a world where the media beats up on politicians foe not lying about their personal preferences.

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