9 thoughts on “The Viking therapy club where men fight their demons

  1. I’m glad they’re reviving the Viking tradition in a healthy way, and not to support racist and nationalist ideas.

  2. I think I’ve heard an ad on this program before…

    >Thor changed my life.

    >Author of two bestselling self help books translated from the original runic into 25 languages, Thor has helped millions realize their dreams.

    >Beware of the trap set by the frost giants, carry your magic hammer.(Crowd Cheers)

    >vailable on record or cassette the personal Norse power program looks to the myths of the Vikings for answers.

    >Can you give my husband an ounce of advice to help keep things hot in the bedroom?

    >Take a longboat with 20 of your finest men, head to where the sun sets, there you will find a village, pillage, plunder and burn all that you find!

    >And if you order now, you’ll receive Thor’s subliminal tape series. So you gain wisdom of the Gods while sleeping.

    >Accept the crystal cup at the feast beware of the dwarf.

    >Thors personal Norse power program, call now 866-PILLAGE. That’s 866-PILLAGE

  3. It’s remarkable how much we’ve sanitized and idealized the Vikings in the 21st century. The same is true for pirates. I guess not all murderers and thieves are created equal.

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