49 thoughts on “The vehicle customization we deserve in Battlefront II

  1. I think those would need to be some ballsy clone troopers, despite being a Jedi I can’t imagine Anakin Skywalker (General Skywalker) would have a reputation for being a good sport.

    “Yes Sir, we painted a cheesecake version of the Senator / Queen / your unrequited love on the ship on a lark, thought it would be good for the morale of the men.”

    “You understand I, and every other Jedi, put substantially more value on my light saber than any of your lives right? Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page…”

  2. Oh you can, but only if you buy the “Battlefront II super gold premium double rainbow buttsex pre order edition” WHICH COMES WITH TWO CUSTOM TROOP SHIPS AND ONE ANIKAN SHAPED SEX TOY.

  3. This is EA we are talking about here. With any luck they will let you do it, but not actually see it in the game – just the loading screen. It will ship on time though.

  4. The pilot in the back seat is like “Sigh, this is what happens when you let Jeff do the decoration and I am very ashamed of it”

  5. Oooooh dont you worry, they know they can make ass loads of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ off of microtrans for cosmetic crap for shit like this

  6. That would be like a German Eurofighter Typhoon with a huge Angela Merkel on the wing. There are multiple shades of nope.

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