6 thoughts on “The time to invest in 84’s

  1. 3k is expensive during and before the otw event i bought 84 rated players between 2 and 2.5 k

  2. Depends on if they bring out any SBCs on Friday, (Apart from Aguero) You’d think they wouldnt go much lower though potentially 2.6-2.8 for some of the weaker ones.

  3. I think you would be better off investing in 81/82s for minimum in the hope that more Advanced SBC are released with a high rating requirement. I think 84s will be around the same price for a while.

    At least this way you can flip them for a small profit even if an event does not happen

  4. Have bought around 200 83s for 1100 coins each in anticipation of totw sbc during lunar new year. Even if they sell for 2000 coins each I will be happy!!!

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