21 thoughts on “The three little pigs went all the way to the black market

  1. Turns out more than just the one little pig went to the market…

  2. It feels that instead of the second game they’re making the third.

  3. And the top two are both missing their right eye. Maybe they’re the same pig.

  4. This image confuses the most basic of piggy lore.
    The three little piggies are the ones who engaged with the big bad wolf in their three abodes.
    The piggy who went to market was one of five piggies who underwent different activities – completely unrelated to the three piggies mentioned above!

    Are you some kind of piggy casual?

  5. i gatta day by the trailer of the game on he bottom it looks fuckinn awesome and i’m really pumped for it

  6. Pigs!
    God damn… pigs!
    Potbelly… pigs!
    Punch-drunk… pigs!
    Take money, money… pigs!
    Loudmouth… pigs!
    Wide load… pigs!
    Let’s make a deal…

  7. I feel stupid, but remind me of what the bottom one is from, too?

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