20 thoughts on “The market this Friday is going to be crazy

  1. High rated cards, La Liga cards and TOTW trading are the three things to be looking out for/doint

  2. Is it still worth it to invest in aguero now? Seeing as he may be a requirement for potm

  3. Anyone got an estimate as to what NIF Agueros price will settle at? He’ll be out of packs with his IF and POTM will come out too.

  4. im gonna make okocha or shevshenko icons with this next “crash”

    shev will be playing pure striker, meanwhile okocha can play anywhere in the atack(cam striker lw rw) i still cant decide.

  5. If I’ve got players who’s IFs could potentially get upgraded, should I sell them now and buy back when there’s a dip in the market because of all of the above? or is that dumb cause they could get upgraded and I’d be screwed?

  6. So prices will drop on friday? They always rise because of the WL. Best to buy on monday?

  7. would like to know the player count. alot of my friends or friendlist stopped playing fifa. never saw this happen so early

  8. If Otamendi has been bonkers this past week.

    I bought at a few at 60k and panicked when i saw that he usually went for 40k.

    I sold 3 for very little profit, holding 1 for myself and the potential SBC, and selling my last one at 109k.

    He is at 90k bin right now. he will go even higher before this week is over.

  9. I’ve got a few Calcio A informs, including Immobile, who is likely to get an upgrade. Shall I sell them or keep hold of them?

  10. How do you plan for SBCs? I mean if i want to do the teams i wont know the rating or chemistry needed?

  11. Why does everyone keep saying high rated cards will drop in price because of lunar new year?

  12. I’m hoping squad fitness take a big dip in value.. for the first time this fifa i’m running low

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