The Daily Squad Thread (AM Edition) — February 13, 2018

This thread is for **all posts** related to squads, including…

* FUT squad building

* FUT Draft squads

* Squad Building Challenge squads

**Do you need a squad built?**

Fill in the sample below and let others find or create a team that fits your purpose. Other questions for your squad building needs are also welcome.

* **Formation**

* **Hybrid (Yes/No)**

* **League/Nationality**

* **Players you want in it (Optional)**

* **Budget**

* **Console**


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51 thoughts on “The Daily Squad Thread (AM Edition) — February 13, 2018

  1. Need som advice with this team. I’ve been using Jesus instead of Morata and it seems to have worked better having a speedster and a large guy rather than 2 large guys. Any suggestions on changing up formations,swapping players out and any new additions

  2. this is what I have right now:

    I also have about 210k in the bank. I want to try a fun and underused squad for a bit. anyone have suggestions? I’m willing to sell my whole team, which would get me to about 550k. Hagi and Vieira are untradeable, and i don’t care if a couple people are 7 chem as long as it is 100 overall.

    preferred formation is 41212


  3. Formation : 4231 but I dont mind swapping in game

    Hybrid (Yes/No) : Yes

    League/Nationality : Prem and Calcio A

    Players you want in it (Optional) : This is my current team
    I am not crazy on mertens so I am open to new suggestions for the attack. Rio is untradeable too. In game I make son the ST and play pogba at CDM. Martial is the RCAM

    Budget : 500k plus the price of any players i sell

    Console : PS4

  4. Formation: 4321, 4312, any variations of 4231 or 41212

    Hybrid (Yes/No): Yes

    League/Nationality: La Liga + any (3 hybrids if possible haha)

    Players you want in it (Optional): TOTGS Ben Yedder, PTG Saul, SIF Vrsaljko

    Budget: 200k

    Console: PS4

  5. Hey there. I ran out of ideas and would like some help on creating the following two teams:

    Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 (2) – Hybrid: Yes – League/Nationality: Don’t mind – Players: I DON’T want Martial, Jesus, Mbappe, Bakayoko or Lloris in it. – Budget: 800k – Console: PS4

    Formation: 4-3-2-1 – Hybrid: Yes – League/Nationality: Don’t mind – Players: I DON’T want Martial, Jesus, Mbappe, Bakayoko or Lloris in it. – Budget: 100k – Console: PS4

    Untradeables: NIF Werner, Futmas Rugani and Futmas Paulinho

  6. Can someone build me a team 200-250k around Van Basten 89 please? Would love 41212 or 4321 ty

  7. Hey Guys,
    I have this at the moment.
    Looking for a way to finish the team up for around 300k (PC). All of this except Handanovic and Florenzi is untradable so I’d like to keep most of it the same.
    I’m tempted to do another prime icon for the striker position. I’m looking at either Shearer, Van Basten or Okocha (probably move Ronaldinho to ST and Okocha at CAM). Any recommendations for the CDM and forward positions?

  8. I am planning to get Bergkamp in upcoming weeks, and I need 1 icon, should I just do Schmiechel sbc or buy one? because the price differs for about 20k, but I will get packs from Schmiechel sbc?

  9. I play 41212 and i got in front a triangle of mbappe 86 henry 93 and otw neymar 95. How should i place it? Henry LS Mbappe RS and neymar CAM? Or something else? Dont know what to do..

  10. Can someone please build me a 500k team around otw Batshuayi and Mertens? I have prime Rui Costa. Would like to include naingollan and/or IF Allan but not necessary. 41212 or 4312. Thanks

  11. Any advice about playing 442 or 4222?

    Temped to try a new form but i feel like i’ll be getting countered to death

  12. * Console: PS4
    * Formation: Any 4ATB
    * Hydrid: Yes preferably
    * Players: 91 Pirlo if possible
    * Budget: 375k

  13. I dont really care about formations since I change them in game, but I have a lot of untradables:
    Prime overmars and petit, Promes sbc card, bale, aubameyang, De Bruyne, and courtois. I don’t necessarily want to use them all but I do care about chemistry. I have 500k to spent (more expensive suggestions are welcome as well)

  14. **Formation** 3-5-2, 3-4-1-2

    **Hybrid** No

    **League** Bundesliga

    **Players you want in it** SIF Füllkrug

    **Budget** 160K

    **Console** PS4

  15. I want new team for next weekend league. 1.8M budget on PS 41212(2) in game no other restrictions. Go!

  16. What keepers are still good after the patch?.
    Want to shake up my defense. I have Fährmann right now and I dont fancy De Gea

  17. Can anyone make me a max 80 rated squad
    Must have gold bench
    No budget
    Formation 4321
    Hybrid : your wish
    Its for the reddit tourney

  18. I’d prefer the 41212 (2) formation

    Hybrid is not necesarry, nor is a specific league.

    I have POTM Kane, SBC Pirlo and Futmas Koscielny in my club, could be used but Not needed

    Budget around 900 k

    Xbox one

  19. hey guys! I’m trying to link my playable red cards

    How can i add 2IF Talisca and 2IF Mustafi to my IF Iniesta & 2IF Aspas?

    Budget & Formation aren’t important as long as the squad is playable, just try to avoid Icons if possible

  20. 4-1-2-1-2(2)
    Any league/nationality
    I have OTW Salah untradable so it’d be silly not to involve him
    Budget 1.2m (PS4)
    If we could shoehorn a cheap icon in there that’d be awesome.

    I have an idea already but want to see some alternatives first. Will probably wait until Friday to buy players anyway.

  21. Morning

    This is my current side which I switch to 41212 in play with Hernandez at CAM, Lozano LS and ronaldo RS. I’m really considering selling ronaldo and signing 94 Neymar, NIF Suarez and Vidal. Side would then set up with Neymar LS, Hernandez RS and Suarez at Cam. Does this sound sensible? Is there a huge diff between 94 and 95 Neymar? Open to other alternatives too. Thanks

  22. any formation that switches to 4222 or 41212, 600k PS4
    Untradables – Ronaldinho (must use), POTM Salah, Mane and Sane, Futmas Koula, OTW Tolisso, Lukaku, James, Walker
    Thanks in advance
    PS- Only untradable that has to be used is Ronaldinho, and im happy to play mane, salah or sane on 7 chem.

  23. 442 or 4231

    Hybrid doesn’t matter . Anything but bpl.

    Budget 300k


    I need a weekend league squad. Preferably one used from experience that can help a below average player a bit. I keep qualifying but just can’t keep up with my 50k bpl squad.

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