62 thoughts on “The bright side of winter storms

  1. Or vita. Or Switch. Or Phone.
    Pretty much any device that is portable.

  2. This is how I feel about books when the power goes out.

    “Fan-fucking-tastic, I can finally read all these books I bought”

    Meanwhile all the neighbors are roaming the streets and talking to each other like it’s the end times.

  3. I got a 3ds for the sole purpose of playing Pokemon and would like to try some other games too as Pokemon has become pretty damn repetitive.

    Any recommendations?

    Edit: I see some awesome recommendations here, some are titles I’ve enjoyed and forgotten about and some are new. Thanks!

  4. I’d do this if a new castlevania came out for it. Those were my fav (3)ds games.

  5. Professor Layton is always my go-to Power Outage game. My wife and I try to solve the puzzles together, and we get so distracted that the power seems to come back on way quicker!

    That, and making our own [weird-ass games.](https://imgur.com/a/vIitl) Either works!

  6. Unfortunately, I still start the game, get close to beating it, and then stop playing and never finish it. RIP, Chrono Trigger 3DS.

  7. H/t to one of the most addictively fun games ever, Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds

  8. Hahaha… I still haven’t even caught Lunala in Pokemon Moon.

  9. Link Between Worlds? Didn’t need a power outage. That game pulled me from the internet.

  10. I have a problem with portables where I get to the final boss in a game and then I just stop playing. I didn’t beat Link Between Worlds until 3 months after it came out because my internet went out.

  11. My computer died and so I started up Bravely Second. Such a great game, but now my computers fixed and I’ll never play it. Sorry Agnes 🙁

  12. Going out for a drive just for the purpose of using the car to charge our stuff.

  13. That scene/area looks exactly an area in Secret of Mana. Thought it was some sort of crossover for a second.

  14. I have a UPS for my router and modem… This doesn’t work for me. 🙁

  15. Where are you that you’re getting winter storms? It’s a nice, balmy 75°F in Boston today

  16. I kinda wanna play Bravely Default and the 2nd one but not sure if worth it for 3DS controls, hands start to cramp after a while and if the games are good, hmmm


  18. I live in Chicago. What are these winter storms you speak of?

  19. One of the reasons I finally got around to finishing Xenoblade 3D, and damn I’m glad. That game was a sheer mindfuck near the end.

  20. Yes finally! I will play Bravely Default after owning it for 3 years and not touching it!

    *sees red light*

    Oh I didn’t charge it…

  21. Tbh I just bought a 3ds again after selling mine when I converted to the PCMR. sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing.

  22. What games can you finish in the 2 hours it takes to drain the battery?

  23. Nothing better than sitting on the patio during Harvey with a blunt, zombie dust and FF8 on the PSP.

  24. I swear my video game time would increase ten fold without the internet. Being a vegetable in front of my desktop is just to easy.

  25. Winter? Here in Washington DC, it’s 86 degrees in October whether you think that’s okay or not!

  26. Had an earthquake here in Cali today. Internet shut off for ~1 hr and I got so much done.

  27. The 3ds is now I deciding factor for what I buy for my setup. XD

  28. Everytime i try to do this, i forget where i left off in pokemon and get confused on what to do so i just give up

  29. Dota2 is the only reason, i did not touch a book, nor another game nor my wife. Jesus, help!

  30. I still have to finish exactly this zelda game i bought 6 month ago. Did not have time since then due to… you know… internet being on.

  31. bro i feel the pain. But have you ever experienced your whole pc getting robbed by your parents because they think you are gaming to much? (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  32. Don’t think this is what people in Puerto Rico are thinking right now.

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