44 thoughts on “The best part of Battlefront II beta this weekend

  1. The only issue I had with the graphics in this game were nit picky: Why are there SO many leaves in this game? Every map has a constant leaf storm blowing every which way.

    Seems like they overdid trying to show off with a physics engine.

  2. Well the best part definitely wasn’t having fun with friends.

  3. My fave part is where you run into the hole on the map and get stuck and become a target dummy for the enemy team. I’ve rolled into it twice 🙁

  4. why does everyone have a boner for these leaves? Like yeah they’re pretty but come on

  5. I thought the best part was shooting at the civilians as soon as you spawn

  6. Can someone explain this post for me? Is nobody trying the beta or something?

  7. I hated that there was a constant stream of birds coming out of the ground.

  8. I did not find this game fun AT ALL which is odd because i enjoy Battlefield and its basically the same thing with a Star Wars skin…class system kinda felt dull (yes i know this is a beta, not the full game) and no importance on whether you live or die…you just run into a mess, maybe get a kill, die, and do it all over again

  9. Had fun playing the beta. Honestly there were only 2 major issues from my point of view:

    * 1 The starfighter controller scheme is not intuitive. Going from controlling movement with the L Stick as a Trooper to the R Stick as a starfighter was very confusing and had a disjointed feeling.

    * 2 I suck at shooters so I could rarely earn enough Battle Points to play as a special unit. Also I died. A lot. Often with less than 1 minute per life.

  10. The leaves are cool, but the bird population is out of control. Also, the birds seem to come out from under the ground.

  11. I enjoyed this game, because I was playing by myself. It is just baffling what they are doing with the squad system and just how stupidly overpowered people with cards can get. Sure, you can grind you way and get the cards, but just stupid how if I prefer to play as one class, I could get cards not for that class.

    It is almost like they are trying desperately to distinguish it from Battlefield, but doing a horrible job at it.

  12. Sweet, the game has nice graphics no argue there.

    It still gonna be boring a few weeks after release, just like the first one.

  13. I’m just here to downvote OP for being annoying in the comments

  14. Instead of DLC they should just sell the game at $80-$100 but with everything included with an addition of updating the game with monthly patches. It would take time adjusting to the price, but at least you’re getting everything offered in the game. That’s why we have DLC because if they would’ve flat out released the whole game the price would go up.

  15. I thought the best part was getting started on that 10,000 hour grind just to try out all the guns / not get raped by the guy who dumped $500 into the micro transactions, to be honest im fairly surprised we get to see these leaves and doves without paying $1.99 for crates and getting “Ground effects – leaves (bronze)” which gives you 5 leaves which swirl around lazily, for more leaves you’re going to need to gamble another $1.99

  16. I am confused either you want to show off those sick leaves physics or that nobody plays the beta.

  17. I actually hated this part. Its too overdone and all over the map it looks good but there’s way too much of it

  18. This is something I do when I am super baked. OP ARE YOU HIGH OR SOMETHIN?

  19. Honestly I had a lot of fun playing it. I wasn’t a fan of Battlefront 1 at all. With that being said I was very hesitant about this one but I ended up having a blast playing the star fighter game mode. I hope that in the full game there will be more content in terms of objectives and I would like for the matches to last longer. My biggest issue was how quickly some of the matches would be over.

  20. Totally agree. Farting with coincidental wind makes it so much easier to hide bad gas.

  21. I didnt get a chance to play 🙁

    How much of an improvement is it?

    Will I get bored after 2 weeks like #1?

  22. Its too bad that the PC playerbase will be almost non existant so I am stuck getting this on my PS4 to actually be able to enjoy every game mode.

  23. Yeah…gotta applaud the beauty, though. Very fine looking game.

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