4 thoughts on “The 20 countries with the largest GDP per capita

  1. Recalculating Ireland I got 46,985.82 dollar. This is using GNI(modified gross national income) that our central statistic agency uses to extract multinational operations.

    Before the Anti Irish circle jerk takes off please remember most countries on this list got rich/good economy through unethical means at best.

    Switzerland=Nazi gold

    Norway=Whale killers

    Luxembourg=Junker/Brass plate

    Qatar=Cut your hands off/oil

    United States= Don’t know where to start

    Australia=Purposefully killing the great barrier reef for money

    Belgium= Raped Africa

    Netherlands= Tax/Colonialism

    Canada=not their land/exploiting the land


    Germany=Good people, killed all the bad ones.

    Hate the sin, not the sinner.

  2. Waiting for someone to jump in and say this particular form of measuring GDP is useless, and actually there is another way that gives a much more accurate depiction of countries wealth (*which of course, presents the commenter’s country much higher up the table*).

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