10 thoughts on “Thanks to the guy who posted this trick yesterday

  1. Amazing how he makes a pass like that, my players pass the ball as if they had no legs.

  2. I got to try this out. Do u press a button to make your ST run? And is that an LB + cross?

  3. Extort EA for Fifa points to remove this post 😂 they can’t have this shit being exposed.

  4. Something that interested me was where i aimed, my lobbed passes are on manual and this was a lobbed through ball. Weird that it locked on to Lozano

  5. I’ve done this pre patch as well. Works often enough. You can also have a target man style striker and he’ll win the header around the 18 yard line and it will float over the keeper into the goal

  6. Second pass with Lozano was the “pass and run” one and the lob with Costa was a regular one?

  7. Some guy tried this on me last night but couldn’t get the lobbed cross far enough. No doubt he got it from here too lol

  8. Been doing this since the start of FIFA 18, normally get at least 1 goal doing this, surprised no one has posted a video of me doing this against you’s

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