49 thoughts on “Thank you Google!

  1. You can tell it’s been repeatedly reposted by the fact that even the font is low-res.

  2. Googled most reposted picture on /r/gaming
    was not disappointed….

  3. And playing one of the greatest fighting games ever from the single greatest developer ever! Sick mouse bro!

    Although I think he’s actually a hampster…

  4. Of you’re really looking for that sort of thing, try The Wire Cutter. Lots of tests say best things.

  5. I got this nice wired silent click gaming mouse from amazon… best purchase since I bought my first taco. Not built to survive a table made of nail files but great on an Ikea table and reasonable mousepad.

    Has selectable DPI multip/accel if you like to destroy accuracy for cursor speed!

  6. Omfg. Is that a Robo Dwarf Hamster? Those are my favorite. Ive had a bunch.

  7. This is like one of those things that should be the top result when people google the head of the senate and Palpatine shows up

  8. it’s nuts how everyone is accustomed to excellent search results these things found seem noteworthy. back in the day if you googled ga,ing mouse and saw this you wouldnt think anything of it because it’s a mouse playing games.

    or maybe it’s people and internet crap that’s changed. i mean maybe someone thinks thisnis genuinely unique i guess it’s in the title or context that makes it. maybe finding things that sound like things is whats in. but i feel like eveyone at least subconscienciously makes the cnnection between the animal and pc mouse. for this to funny or jarring you wouls of had to forget that

    anyways it reminds me of barts or skinners rat that went to space and had a rat family watch the launch from a shoe box

  9. This looks like a photo of a monitor showing a repost with the original title written on the image… a rare meta-repost

  10. You sure? I think you typed: “oldest repost in the world”

  11. Do people actually google the words “Best *insert object*” Doesn’t it make sense to go to a shopping website and compare the features and read user comments?

  12. The answer of course is Razer Naga Hex V2 for everything, not just moba.

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