83 thoughts on “Ten years ago today, Portal was released. Let’s celebrate with some cake!

  1. Aaaand the sad realisation that Valve will never make a video game again comes rushing back.

  2. Still my favorite game franchise of all time. I don’t know if anything will ever top Portal’s blend of incredibly innovative puzzles and game mechanics and fantastic writing.

  3. You know what else came out ten years ago? Half Life 2 Episode 2. Valve, I’m looking at you!

  4. The cake is gone.

    You are not a good person, you know that, right?

    Good people don’t go here.

  5. Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test.

  6. Yet another Valve Game that is never going to get a 3 after the title.

  7. It’s odd, but I want this on my Switch. That would be fun!

  8. Literally my favourite game of all time. Got a calf tattoo of the Aperture Science title and logo from the cover.

  9. I want a Portal VR game . I’d be happy with parts 1 or 2


  11. OMG I remember it! There was a huge meme about a pie being not true or something…

  12. Getting a PS4 and not being able to play Portal 2 anymore was a sad, sad day (no I don’t have a PC, but I can run Portal 1 on my MacBook, and do!).

    Hoping Portal 3 comes out someday. Really one of my favorite series in the past 10 years,

  13. God damn it. The cake is a lie. The cake is a LIE. THE CAKE IS A LIE!


  14. A fucking masterpiece. Does everyone have games that define part of their life? Well portal was my high school awkward getting girlfriends and getting laid phase. It was a fun time.

  15. MEMORIEEEES ❀️❀️ πŸš«πŸš«πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

  16. I finished my first ever playthrough of Portal yesterday. Still waiting for the cake.

  17. To the death of valve as a game developer. You had a good run,your games were amazing and thank you for the love of the games put out.

    But we will still not forgive you for seeing the power of money and turning your backs on your heritage and people whom trusted you to continue your unfinished stories.

  18. Given that today is my birthday, the cake is infact not a lie.

  19. Screw the cake! I am still bummed about companion cube 😒

  20. It’s also my wife’s birthday. I have been celebrating Portal’s birthday with cake all these years and never even knew it!

  21. Happy Cake Day, Portal!


    ^^^but ^^^the ^^^cake ^^^is ^^^a ^^^lie…

  22. I just started playing The Turing Test. While there is no ‘Portal Gun’ (I just started and haven’t finished the game, so if this is wrong, please don’t spoil it for me!), it has the same ‘solve a puzzle, exit the room’ thing going. I’ve only gotten a little way through the game, but I am really enjoying it.

  23. I wish we could celebrate with part 3 games from Valve. Uuggh…

  24. The cake is a lie. I repeat. The cake is a goddamned lie.

  25. Time for another playthrough!

    In honor of portal there have been a lot of games since, that channel the vibe. Most recently I played The Turing Test. It was quite good. Not quite as deep or challenging as the Portal games but good.

  26. You’re lying.

    I’ll take the cake, though. So delicious and moist…

  27. Tomorrow will mark ten years since the last half life game.

  28. And now I feel fucking old as hell. I thought it was like 5 years old, at the most.

  29. Just finished a run of portal. Still an amazing game to this date with a good pace.

  30. Still not many games that have as good of a tutorial or passive story telling.

  31. Oh woops, I wore my portal shirt today and didn’t even know this

  32. You’re a bit late, someone already beat you to the post.

  33. The worst part of portal is not being to play it for the first time again.

  34. The only game besides portal 2 I’ve played through more than 20 times.

  35. I came here for cake. And there was no cake. Just fire.

    The cake is a lie.

    Now I need grief counselling.

  36. Let’s celebrate with turkey since today is Thanksgiving.

  37. God damn if Portal 2 isn’t the best game ever made I don’t know what is

  38. Usually when one of these “X years ago today” topics comes up, it seems like it was fewer than X years ago. This is an odd one, because if you had asked me when Portal came out, I would have guessed around 2002.

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