23 thoughts on “surprises 😍

  1. She said I didn’t have the balls. Well, now she has balls enough for the both of us.

  2. I hate it when in Rainbow Six, they put one of those through a drone hole, and then kill you while you lay down and try to remove it.

  3. I feel like The Punisher used clamores in the most creative way so far. In fiction…..

  4. This is how I always feel when I play Warface. I always place mines just around the corner or something so they cant shoot them or see them, and hearing that “BOOM” is very satisfying

  5. Reminds me of a jerryriged way I’d kill a jugernaut in MW3 survival. On the first map, there is a house. I’d set up 10 C-4 in the doorway and two of those with the lasers in a diamond pattern, then get them to talk through the door. It explodes all at once, and wrecks them.

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