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  1. That things roar in the darkness underwater was the most terrifying thing in a video game.

  2. Had to use like 4-5 medipacks just to get this bad boy scanned. Used small corner where i could lure to try charge on me but eventually getting stuck and peacefully just scan it while it staggered. Few times my plan backfired and it managed to get around the small edge to hurt me. Eventually got it scanned and decided to leave Aurora completely alone and avoid that area at any cost…

  3. The first time I met one of these horrors it came surging out of the pitch black and I screamed, which in turn scared the crap out of the people I was in discord with. I’ve got a bit of a phobia of underwater games and I had to turn it off for the day after that.

  4. Oh man! I want to play this game so much but factorio is like having another family with a wife and kids who all play sports.

  5. That is scaled really accurately.
    Play this shit in VR(briefly, to avoid illness), what you think is big becomes ENORMOUS.

  6. I’d love to play this game but the idea of swimming in the depths of the ocean with God know what down there is utterly terrifying to me.

  7. I was “stalking” a reaper in the distance in my seamoth in the Aurora crash zone. Picking up all the loots I could find on the way. I get complacent and another sneaks up behind me without making a sound, grabs hold of my seamoth and tears it to shreds. (I should’ve repaired before this particular excursion, but neglected which resulted in me losing my precious seamoth.) I gather what I have left of my dry pants and seaglide as fast as I can back to my base on the edge of the safe shallows and underwater plateaus. That was a week ago and I am still trying to find the balls to venture outside of the safe shallows again.

  8. Those damn Reaper Leviathans. Their roars just stirs my primal fear. Like I litterally panic when I hear it.

  9. GET EM WITH YOUR KNIFE! Or, better yet, just stun him. I’m sure that will work. 😀

  10. Uncomfortable AF

    That’s the reason I can’t play the game , I’ve played for a bout 3-4 hours , after that the creatures started to get big….

  11. I managed to beat the game without ever coming within attacking range of these things. They terrify me in ways I cannot describe.

    Though, once I got my cyclops/prawn suit I felt almost invincible so even when I strayed to find other monsters that lurked lower, it wasn’t nearly as scary.

  12. What I picture under me constantly 100% of the time even in the safe shallows tbh

  13. I have a massive fear of open water and playing this game almost makes me wet myself constantly. The first time I got attacked by the reaper leviathan I was almost crying. It destroyed my seamoth and I had to swim back to my base naked. I just kept begging whoever would be listening to just let me get back to the base without getting eaten again. With all that being said I’m loving the game so far

  14. Fun fact: not five minutes ago, I spotted one of these fuckers from my Seamoth, turned and hightailed it, then Alt-F4’d out of shock/surprise/fear when he grabbed me and roared in my face.

    I don’t like it. Take it away.

  15. I wish they could do an even deeper ocean expansion or something, I’m kinda sad now that its out over, I want more creepy ass sea monsters to scare me and pretty things to look at.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks Reaper Leviathans are way scarier than the other Leviathan creatures in the game?

  17. At first I only saw the tip of the sea monster and thought it was Patrick from SpongeBob

  18. be me
    in seamoth
    Looking for mushroom biome
    night time
    find it
    hear a faint roar
    “nothing to worry about”
    slightly louder roar
    “Now I am worried”
    Turn Back
    Roar. Right. Behind. Me.
    Heart rate becomes 500bpm
    One thing slender taught me:never look behind me while being chased
    Get back to escape pod
    No damage to seamoth
    Live to tell the tale

  19. I started playing this for the first time 4 days ago, and I have logged almost 24 hours. (And I’m a full-time college student…). I fucking love this game.

  20. That thing is one of the main reasons,why i abandoned playing Subnautica :(.Nice artwork though,even in a picture,it still gives me the creeps.

  21. I didnt know the hyperbeast was in subnautica. If I knew, I would’ve played it.

  22. Sure, reaper leviathans are scary. You know what’s scarier? Ghost leviathans, those fuckers come in packs.

  23. Man I want to play this game. I loved what I could get through, Iv played some horror games through no prob before but this one locks me down lol Even the creative mode will startle the shit out of you on a regular basis.

    I understand it loses a lot of what people like about the game, but a mode without predators would be cool.

  24. Having played through to the end, I’d say that this accurately sums up the game xD

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