31 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has A Game-Breaking Pay-To-Win Model

  1. So what they’re saying is, you have to pay to play it, then you have to pay more to win.

  2. this p2w loot crate content shit needs to die, I’m tired of seeing it in every fps lately.

  3. I love how people are defending this in the comment section.

    “This is just the beta. I’m sure they’ll change it before release”. Bet your ass they’re gonna change it. To even more of a chance to obtain garbage and to extend the time it takes for you to obtain what you really need.

  4. Really disappointed in Star Wars, ~~Assassins Creed~~, and Shadow of War this year.

    Three less new games I’ll be playing :/

    Edit: I stand corrected about Ass Orgins, probably grab that one cause it looked sick af otherwise.

  5. I am scared for the future of gaming industry.

    General public went from protesting against paid dlc content few years ago to defending mobile-like cash grabs in AAA 60$ games.

    All big publisher keep pushing the boundry with each release.

    It all started with horse armor dlc, then we got dlc’s, then season passes, then cosmetic lootboxes in paid games like overwatch to end up with pay2win mobile-like gambling systems in 60$ games.

  6. When it’s only cosmetic items, I don’t care, but when the loot crates start giving out advantages, then they lost me as buyer.

  7. It’s called [Fee2Pay](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHszeYz5Mi0) mechanics and even worse when it’s coupled with Pay2Win the only way to combat it is to not buy the game.

    Don’t buy it on sale, don’t buy it and say “I won’t use those things”, don’t buy it and whine on Facebook/Reddit/Twitter.

    Just. Don’t. Buy. it.


    That is the only way it will stop.

  8. Hopefully some effort will be made to put you with players similar to your gear level. Would solve the problem in my opinion. Then you have the trade off of getting matched against other people who spent money or long time players who have earned their gear.

  9. > When you and your brokeass friend are just gonna do couch co-op


  10. Unpopular opinion incoming:
    To me it sounds like I can unlock all of that stuff by just playing the game. That’s not pay2win it’s pay4convenience. p2w should strictly be used if you can buy content that is otherwise not available.

  11. like every other game, crates are in them. pay to win is an easy way to pray on kids and people with gambling addiction-like minds.

  12. Quite a shame honestly, had a lot of fun in beta until stumbled on 2 “high lvl” guys, that where way to tuff as regular units and literally unkillable as heroes. Killed all fun and desire to ever get it.

  13. With all this loot crate crap in these fully priced games, sure makes it a hell of a lot easier not to buy them.

  14. You can be sure as fuck this isn’t going to change before the release of the game. They are offering a “founders crate” to anyone who played the beta before the release of the game.

  15. I don’t agree with the Pay-To-Win method but if I was EA I would do this. I don’t know how many servers they will have running for this but the money from P2W could go towards keeping those servers running,etc…

  16. Yes beta pissed me off was down to luck what u got so wont be buying it

  17. Did EA actually mention that the future DLCs are going to be free?

  18. I think a lot of people are glossing over you get free loot boxes from just playing your class and doing the corresponding challenges it’s a bit early to call it pay to win when we can’t see how much it actually affects gameplay

  19. Jesus Christ with this. Literally every game has this now… get over it.

    It will matter for the first like 48 hours then you will have people that have already somehow grinded enough to have the top tier weaps anyway.

  20. So they are doing what Dice did with BF4? but instead of unlocking everything with one purchase you buy loot boxes and get everything random

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