10 thoughts on “Sorry for potato quality, just came across my best FK goal ever with Talisca on FIFA 17 while scrolling through snapchat

  1. Why is everyone so salty in the comments lmao. You guys probably score freekicks from 20 yards and think that this is nothing special but scoring a goal like that with that much of a curve is really hard. Sick goal mate.

  2. Just got my best FK goal ever with talisca this Fifa. Went goalkeeper side with an LB free kick, as top bins as possible, off the underside of the bar and in.

  3. ICYMI: you can download the Xbox app on windows and download video directly to your computer

  4. Mate, please dont insult potatoes like that. Sick FK though. I hope he gets a TIF tomorrow so I can pick it up just before winter upgrades. His SIF already has 97 FK accuracy!

  5. I was beast at freekicks for 4 years running until they completely fucked it over in fifa 17. There’s just so much inconsistency.

  6. To me it’s just a free kick goal.. nothing really special

    I appreciate the downvotes! Thanks

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