So there is this new “tactic” people have been trying against me.

Whenever their GK would have the ball in his hands, my opponent would run to the corner of the penalty box and boot the ball upfield to a pacey attacker. This has been done to me about 15 times and I’ve conceded 7 goals from it. Going ultra defensive/PTB doesnt work as the attackers are always free and through on goal. I tried doing this but my players aren’t making the same runs. Does anyone know what instructions to put on my attackers to make these runs?

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4 thoughts on “So there is this new “tactic” people have been trying against me.

  1. Never seen this tactic. Damn just saw nephenthez video and works every time. Maybe EA will release a patch to fix it in 3 months.

  2. After the first time they try it, flick back with the right analogue to your right/left back look at mini map and drop them 10 yards deeper you will get the ball every time

  3. Thank nep for that. Made a video today. I swear these youtubers do anythin for $. Dude literally gives 2 shits. If he cared he wpuld make a video and turn it to ea and make it private. But again. He spreads the cancer.

    P.s irs easy to defend

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