So I just bought 90 Gullit yesterday…

… And now every damn opponent turned into a dick, playing PTB counter attacking, annoying celebrations (walking all over the pitch), watching every damn replay and not skipping any pauses.

I have played 12 games so far since I’ve Gullit and maybe 2 games were ‘normal’…

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9 thoughts on “So I just bought 90 Gullit yesterday…

  1. Yep, same shit for me.

    I used to have CR7 and Bale and a few icons etc, and people were just cunts every game pretty much.

    I sold my players and did Ronaldinho and bought Neymar OTW.

    Whilst Cr7 and Bale are arguably more effective, If people are going to be cunts, at least I’ll still have fun fucking around with R10 and Neymar anyway.

  2. I usually keep my phone next to me with Reddit for this reason mainly against sweaty 50k teams who see my icons.
    I skipped 4 goal celebrations earlier and I had to endure every f’in replay including my misses. He scored and I just browse why he watches the entirety after running up to half way with his hands in the ai.
    I then scored a min later and did the same replay and threw in a dab. Sometimes I can’t help myself but I always skip my replays until they don’t and I copy thier last one.

    Although that’s less infuriating than people who also skip the replay but then do the longest celebration ever to tilt me when they equalize or take the lead

  3. Yep, welcome to my WL. I don’t have 90 gullit, but I do have 5 icons on the team including Henry and Vieira. I would say 85% of the players I play have to watch every replay especially when I miss a shot and really make this game frustrating to play. It’s so relieving playing against another full icon team cause they usually act like adults.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha Yeh, get used to it. The community is just bitter and toxic about everything. People still using 100k teams when theyve had the game from the start and moaning about ‘Super teams’ when if theyd invested their coins more wisely they’d be in the same situation.

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