SBC Thiago

I just completed him for around a net cost of 80k, I pretty much at least broke even / made profit from every sbc, except the Bayern one.

However, I have no intention of using him. I mainly did him as someone to put into an icon / high rated sbc. Same as Cavani whom I completed earlier, for around 40k total.

Would you say it was a waste of coins? Are there other players I could have bought for cheaper? Or would it work out roughly the same price / cheaper?

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7 thoughts on “SBC Thiago

  1. I dont think you’re going to find a 91 overall rated player for 80k or so (and of course, you basically need those high rated cards for the high rated icon SBCs).

    Cost is a relative thing. I used 92 Neuer the ferdinand SBC not too long ago because he was untradable and I have Schmeichel. You do you. I will most likely do the same with Thiago at some point.

  2. Futbin cost is about 340k so you would definitely be better of if you had sold the players and just buy the players you need for a sbc.

  3. it never a waste of coins i did him too and used him in the WL and he was ok played in a 41212 on right mid for 20 games i also plan to submit him on an icon sbc

  4. I just lucked out and made profit on him. I’ve kept all silvers for potential SBC leagues since the start of the game, including the stupid expensive cards. Notable pulls across the SBC were David Silva, Ozil and IF Hummels. Gonna try him out at cam this week and see how he gets on

  5. Don’t use sepcial cards in Icon sbc, they will be counted as informs during fut birthday sbc’s

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