SBC Cristiano: in-depth review

Record: 20 Games ( 23 G & 11 A)

Division 1

Chemistry style: Sniper

Formation: 41212(2)

Position: CAM, I played 7, 8 games with him as ST and he was nothing spectacular becouse he is kinda lazy, but as soon as I put him at CAM he exploded!

Pace: He is way faster then 93. And I dont even know how. Yes he has 93 pace, but even without chemistry style he feels extremely rapid and if there is gap he will pass all your defenders with ease.

Shooting: First of all that composure stat everyone brag about is shit. I didn’t notice that at all. He is clinical. He has 93 shot power, and if you hit low driven shoot with high power it is going in without a doubt. His longshots are insane as well. I scored with him goals I haven’t scored with anyone at this game yet. From all angles just shoot it and it will rip net apart.

Passing: Way way better then stats suggest. I played him as CAM and he is unbelivable. His freekicks are trash tbh, he has like 87 FKA but he couldn’t score even if there wasn’t goalkeeper.

Dribbling: His worst stat, but not so bad. I would say okay. Don’t expect him to be Neymar but he also doesn’t feel clunky at all. Altough I don’t suggest you to go out and try to take few players off by dribbling, he will lose the ball. What I find most effective with him is to change directions when sprinting.

Physical: This is what this guy is about. For the first time since FIFA 18 is out, Bakayokos, Baillys and even Chielini & Koulibaly feels like Insigne next to this guy. It is absolutely ridiciolus you have to see it to beileve it. One moment you are sprinting and soon after there is Bakayoko in front of you trying to shield you and next thing you know Bakayoko is on the ground and your monster is still sprinting.
His stamina isn’t problem, since he is a bit lazy so it balances out. Also his heading is horrific don’t even try to cross to him.

Cost: I did it today with 0 players in my club, and bought everyone with cheapest buy now, and he costed me around 130k (Without any notable pull from packs, Joao Mario was best pull…)

What I would suggest you is to play him as CAM, dont force dribbling, just play ping pong passing with strikers until there is gap for through pass to him and thats a sure goal.

I finished his SBC becouse I was tired of this game, but he is fun as hell. If I had to compare him with some player, he is like HULK from previous FIFA’s, little less agile but way stronger and faster.

All in all, unique and complete beast.

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22 thoughts on “SBC Cristiano: in-depth review

  1. Great review. All my friends keep asking me if he’s worth doing and i tell them the same thing… he is just FUN. He’s making the game fun for me as well.

    I agree about the composure. I expected him to be terrible in front of goal, but his shooting has actually been insane for me. His shot power is on a different level.

  2. I have a problem with dumping coins into untradeables because I don’t play the game enough to generate enough coins to buy other players.. i make maybe 20-30k a week from one draft run and one div 1 run. With how pack weight is horrific I shy away from league SBCs.. I keep losing so much money

  3. I hated him at first but am starting to enjoy him. I would never start with him as I feel his finishing is hit and miss and at times his strength does not shine through. I use him as an impact sub to destroy a tiring defensive line 🙂

  4. Very interesting that you said he’s a great CAM but too lazy to be a striker.

    In theory, if you play a 442 (as I do), he’ll often drop back from striker to sit in that CAM position. Might excel in that system. I’ve played a few games with him so not enough to sing his praises, but I like him so far. Van Basten is his partner.

  5. Great review man, I’ve been waiting to read something like this.

    I have a red Jesus paired up with Van Basten and Bergkamp in the same formation, think I might go for the Cristiano just for that FUN factor. Love using the obscure players to beat meta teams.

  6. CAM? I have him at ST and he’s one of the best strikers I’ve used. I couldn’t see him being better at CAM but everyone has their preferences. Also, for me, he is by no means lazy. Makes runs when needed and he’s the type of player to just receive the ball and take it to goal himself.

  7. He’s definitely a fun player, I’m trying to fit him in my squad but Luis Hernandez, ADP, otw morata and sbc gignac are fun as well.
    Morata and Hernandez are murdering it for me, would you guys suggest those two up front, Christians as cam and adp as cm ??

  8. Awesome review. Hope we get to read reviews like these of various other high rated players!!

  9. I faced him once in the whole WL and to be fair, he tore me a new one until he was subbed off. Won the game as the other guy wasn’t that good, but he really made me want to try him out.

  10. Man i love how he bullies defenders out if his way… And imo hes good at heading scored like five for me as a sub this WL.

  11. he is like the child of a Sunday league striker that stands in the box for 90 mins waiting for the ball and Usain bolt

    Love him tho

  12. Only a 130k? Want him but cut in says 240k. I only have 150k so undecided to do him or promes

  13. Great review, I can confirm every single point of it. You seem to play and love the card the same way that I do as well.

  14. How TF did you do it with 0 players in your club for 130k when on futbin it says that the cheapest solution is 220k on PS 245k on XB1 and 170k on PC?

  15. I play him at ST, and as long as he’s in a 2 ST formation he’s brilliant. 28 games 40 goals.

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