31 thoughts on “Salah 89 WinterUpgrade Stats

  1. These are his stats after the winter upgrade, before any chem style is applied. The card is insanely cheap atm for what the stats will be in a few days, especially on pc where you can get him for 350k or less.

  2. The only 3 things I don’t like about his card right now are WF, long shots and strenght. With this upgrade, 2 of those 3 are going to get fixed. Nice! Going to be an amazing card

  3. the card would be even better if it had at least 3* W/F.. i’m already quite shitty at this game and the 2* WF can be lethal (for me) in some situations.

    anyway,an amazing card! tots stats right there.

  4. His TOTS card is going to be unstoppable with 99 pace, 99 balance, 99 stamina, 90+ composure & 90+ strength

  5. I did two untradeable Summer OTW SBC and he was in the second! I already love him, cannot wait for the upgrades!

  6. Lol just bought an 89 Salah on pc for 335k hopefully that will rise a significant amount.

  7. I mean if it gets these stats and possible a WF upgrade there really won’t be a reason to get his tots with his special cards already being so good

  8. im kind of a noob.
    is this his normal card after the upgrade?
    if i buy salah now, will he get upgraded?

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