8 thoughts on “Romania’s Q2 economic growth revised upwards to 6.1% – Romania Insider

  1. I remember we had 8% a few years ago and then we were in deep shit. Let’s not get over excited. Besides, it’s usually the small economies that get high increases. 6% in Romania is less than 1% in Germany or France.

    Edit: Facts and caution get downvoted by idiots only.

  2. That’s really great, Romania is catching up with Visegrad Group and already surpassed Russian GDP PPP per capita!

  3. Company where I am working (zoot.cz)is expending now in Romania. People in Buchurest spend much more on average for clothes than in Prague 🙂

    People in Romania spend 4% of their income for clothes(2% in czechia) and we are expecting 15k items shipping/day in Romania this holiday season.

    It really shows that people have money there, great fast growing market.

  4. Reddit Romanians , have you noticed all this growth happening in your country, what’s the current mood?

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