27 thoughts on “Roman cities and roads in ancient Britain.

  1. Hô, there is another wall in Scotland. Damn, these people must have been very annoying to put such effort in buildings.

  2. Aren’t some major cities missing from the map ? Because there are a few crossroads that don’t really make sense without any city at the same location. Especially between Isca and Viroconium.

    And why aren’t any roads going further than Isca in Cornwall ?

  3. I just realized that most of the people know about ancient Roman cities in continental Europe but not so much about the Roman cities in Britain.

  4. I love these because its the only time I’ll see my home town named on a UK map.

    Stay classy Lindum!!

  5. Notice how much more of the UK was marsh land back then; Essex, the wash, Bristol area for a start all have been drained since.

  6. Lindum represent!

    In what’s now known as Lincoln (The name is a shorthand form of Lindum Colonia, which was at one point noted as Lin. Coln. in shorthand logs) we still have some old roman walls and wells and many references to the old name. Many of the roads we use today were built on top of the told Roman roads.


  7. A quick ELI5 of what these settlements and forts are today…

    * Cataractonium = Catterick.

    * Eburacum = York.

    * Mamucium = Manchester.

    * Segontium = Caernarfon.

    * Deva = Chester.

    * Lindum = Lincoln.

    * Viroconium = didnt transform into a modern city cut left some [nice ruins behind in the middle of nowhere](https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g1195498-d2390472-Reviews-Wroxeter_Roman_City-Wroxeter_Shropshire_England.html).

    * Venonis = Nothing remains except a site of archaeological interest. You would have to dig to see something.

    * Venta = Ruined fort town just outside of Norwhich whose remains can still be seen [from the air](http://www.norfarchtrust.org.uk/sites/default/files/pictures/caistor/caistorAirfromSouth450.jpg).

    * Moridunum = Carmarthen.

    * Isca Augusta (Wales) = Barely visible ruins just outside Newport.

    * Corinium = Cirencester.

    * Cam**u**lodunum = Colchester.

    * Londinium = London. Interestingly the walls of this roman city correspond closely to to that of the [City of London](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_London) within Greater London.

    * Calleva = Ruined city whose only remains are p[arts of a wall and small overgrown amphitheatre.

    * Dubris = Dover castle. The Saxon era church of St Mary in Castro is now built on its site.

    * Noviomagus = Chichester.

    * Durnovaria = Dorchester.

    * Isca Dumnoniorum (Devon) = Exeter.

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