12 thoughts on “PS4 Proclubs

  1. If people start one up I’d be interested… haven’t played Pro clubs at all this fifa yet

  2. I’d also be interest, i’m just trying to see how long someone could avoid making a subreddit. But, I’m definitely interested, Pro Clubs is so much fun.

  3. Been talking to my mates that already play clubs with me. We’ve been wanting to recruit more people and start new YouTube thing. We’re division 1 already, club name: İnvincibles Utd. İf anyone’s interested drop me a pm. We’re all British based but open to everyone.

    EDİT: we’re very active and use mic to communicate, everyone’s welcome.

  4. We in Asia are very active with Pro Club. Every Country has our own League setup. We also do the Asian Champions League. Haha it nice. We do practice regularly everday tho and that’s the only mode i care in. Fifa now.

  5. I’d start for sure, been trying to get my mates into it but it hasn’t happened yet

  6. Just created my pro last night on PS4, drop in games were so infuriating. Just wanted to be a play-making CM for the team and everyone leaves when we go 1-0 down. Let’s make a club.

  7. I’m down East Coast here my psn is JrodBrasil pleaseeeee add me I’m sick of playing drop in with ball hogs who just wanna skill everyone

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