Post-patch gameplay is way worse

I’m usually a Gold 1 – Elite 3 player. My style of play is tiki-taka, lots of passes intertwined with intricate little dribbles, varied speed on build-up. All my players are good passers, such as prime Dinho, TOTY Messi, Vieira, TOTY Ramos, but this doesn’t seem to matter anymore after the last patch, because:

– Passes are all underpowered

– Players are waiting for these slo-mo passes like idiots instead of moving into space to get the ball faster

– First touches are horrendous, even if you make sure your passes are properly powered and directed

– Goals are not satisfying, even when you win, most of the time you’re not sure if you’ve deserved it or not

– People say possession is now the way to play, however, that’s not the case in my experience. Possession play is useful for time wasting, not in build-up play

– Most effective style of play is parking the bus and counter-attacking. After you score a shitty goal, use possession to waste time until the last whistle.

– If your opponent parks the bus, it’s impossible to break through his defense. It’s not as if you can quickly pass the ball and find space to exploit. Bakayoko will collect 90% of your anemic passes.

– My team is valued at about 10M coins, all players are quite agile, but some games it’s like they’re all in quicksand, I have to change direction and wait more than a second before TOTY Messi turns, handicapping is so obvious that even one of my opponents wrote to me he can’t believe how heavily my team moved, while his cheap OP BPL team was on steroids.

– Sometimes you tackle but nothing happens. The animation plays without you getting the ball. I had 3 consecutive “fake” tackles before my opponent shot through my CB’s foot and scored. This happened before the patch but not to this extent.

– Due to nerfed agility, passing power and accuracy the game is slow and boring

– Inconsistency. There are games where gameplay is more fluent, touches are better, passing is more accurate, but most games players are non-responsive.

– The skill gap has been reduced, I struggle against some lower tier opponents that park the bus and counter attack. (even lost a game against G3)

A few examples:

TLDR: EA should’ve only patched the kick-off glitch, they completely broke the game instead

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54 thoughts on “Post-patch gameplay is way worse

  1. They nerfed passing as the best way to deal with the tiki-taka passing kick off glitch thingy. However EA will never tell you that. The game is so bad post patch. I am thinking of dropping it for the rest of the year and maybe try PES

  2. Everyone is second man pressing all game whilst controlling Bakayoko. I was probably about your level before the patch. I was confident about getting Elite 3 for the first time… then the patch hit

    Passing has been nerfed and so has manual defending imo

    EA have reduced the skill gap even further that it was was. 90% of weekend league games are decided by luck

  3. I would prefer this degree of passing if the second man press & AI defending was lowered. Passing has been ridiculously easy in every version of 18 up to now. The change has screwed up my game now as well & looking for a new formation with less emphasis on ticky tacka.

  4. I love the game post patch. Idk why you all are having trouble with agility, my CR7 feels quite good still

  5. I love when people like you say you play “tiki-taka” like it’s difficult. It’s just ASSisted ping-pong passing. Do it on Manual and it has value. This is why Full Manual has to be mandatory on competitive games.

    Also, you’re just salty because you can no longer take advantage of the super-easy passing.

  6. The community is pure cancer and the game itself is trash.

    In this weekend I experienced: 1. Being spammed by some portugese dude who thought I was glitching and cheating because he dc’ed. 2. Some guy passing it around the back for 90 ingame minutes (Even at 0-0) – He just wanted to piss me off and waste my time. 3. Being shushed and dabbed on multiple times by people who score a shitty rebound goal after their fahrman ended the game with 17 saves. 4. Timewasting pricks 5. Two of my opponents leaving at a tied score because they got a red card -> making me lose 2 valuable games on my loan schevchenko.

    Before the game was this awful, unrewarding and generally AI assisted RNG fest, I could deal with the toxicity of the community. Now, the combination of both means I’m really over this game.

  7. I swear console must be different to PC, my gameplay is fine and maybe even better since the patch…

  8. Regarding moments in your video

    1. Yeah, pretty bad first touch, but this situation is quite real because receiving such ball is not easy in real life, so receive the pass with this kind of players with your face.

    2. You have just pressed LT(L2) by accident

    3. No, not easy, because the moment is dynamic and defender attacking Alba from the behind

    4. Fouls – agree

    5. You pass with the weak foot in the dangerous situation. In real life this is very risky

    Overall: from 5 moments only one is relevant. Rest is because you seem to be arcade-oriented and think that 100% of your passes in the standard situation should be successful. While it isn’t in real life.

    Yes, this game full of bugs, but complains in the video are irrelevant.

  9. The game lacks balance and essential consistency, only thing consistent is EA forcing us to bend over.

  10. In the same boat as you man, had been finishing Gold 1 for the last couple of weeks before the patch and hitting my stride/edging towards Elite. It is just so so poor to play now. The poor touches, rigid agility and turning, slow and misdirected passing and laughable defending where you win a tackle only for the ball to mysteriously continue on its merry way. Even when you win a game there’s this feeling that you had to grind given the circumstances rather than deserve it or play your best football. I’m giving it another week tops and then I’m saying see ya later WL, it’ll be PES for me.

  11. Haha I know what you mean with tiki taka, making useless passes back to your defense constantly and having 60% possession and still losing since the only thing you can do is pass back and forward without any creativity like 9/10 players around that rank.

  12. I personally have the same issues and completely stopped playing the game.
    But i think it’s not really the gameplay, but more just a huge input delay on absolutely everything now (PS4 for me).
    While a lot of people were complaning in the early stages of the game and FIFA 17, i never had any problems with input lag until this update, and it also carried on to various other gamemodes, such as Pro Clubs, where every Pro feels like utter s*** all of a sudden.

  13. Tika taka was over powered to start with, they have made it more balanced now but people who are used to abusing it are finding it harder.

  14. Here are some of my goals from this weekend league. As you can see the jerseys are all the same. This is all post patch.

    My little video there kinda puts a damper on most of your complaints.

    Perhaps you should change your style. I am scoring good goals that give me satisfaction.

  15. I think it’s better when the game plays smoothly but bad servers result in worse gameplay than before the patch. Yesterday morning was great but I come back on and it’s turned dreadful in 4/5 hours.

    They could patch the game every week but until they address the server issues it’ll always play differently. I enjoy the game during the week and at off peak times during the weekend but find is atrocious the rest of the time!!

    Edit: I play the same way as you and any delay post patch makes it impossible to play this way. Once delay kicks in I have to change my formation and play style to spam through balls. Says it all about the game really, don’t want to play that way but have no choice because of terrible servers.

  16. >People say possession is now the way to play, however, that’s not the case in my experience. Possession play is useful for time wasting, not in build-up play

    >Most effective style of play is parking the bus and counter-attacking. After you score a shitty goal, use possession to waste time until the last whistle.

    This. I warned about it since day 1, it was pretty damn obvious, yet people saying tiki taka was the way to go, lol. It’s only useful if you want to waste time.

  17. I have played a few games this weekend and just decided to leave it. Its pointless as fuck playing this shit game right now. The last patch has totally fucked up the gameplay, it is so so so boring now. FFS how can you make it so bad its unreal, for me it isnt playable anymore so I pretty much sold all my valuable players, got like 3,5-4million coins + some untradeable icons and will build a squad when they do the next patch that will maybe fix what they fucked up.

    You are totally right about pretty much everything, before I gave up, every single game I played was against 4231 or 41212 narow, PTB + long ball to Martial/Jesus/Musa whatever.
    The only way you can still get some good results is to also PTB and hope for some shitty goal. Thats boring as fuck, I cant take it so fuck it, lets leave it for some time. Advise you do the same …

    And yes – scripting is more obvious than ever before, because like you said – the skill gap became so thin even the default difference between lets say Prime Bergkamp and nif Firmino is virtually non existent, so when scripting kicks in its so so frustrating…

    Fuck this. Compare this pathetic gameplay to the very first week, before the first patch… Day and night.

  18. I believe EA reversed the latest game play patch. KO goals were so much more common this week than last week.

  19. If you dislike the passing changes, move to manual. At least that’s one of your problems solved.

  20. This is the problem with the user base. im sorry but we all wanted a patch they do it and we complain. the patch has actually made the game more balanced.IT is now LESS counter attack and ping pong passing!

    + passing is less op

    + skills are more viable

    + pressing is more viable

    I play 100 pressure and 100 aggression for this wl and it my first WL in months i finished gold 2 with a crap team. So you cant say everyone plays counter attack.

    Saying EA should of only patched the kick off is ridiculous there are many other posts complaining about other aspects. This is why the game is dead, every time EA do something to try and deal with an issue people like you deny there was ever an issue.

    Things that need addressing- GK 1-1, player switching, delay, second man press needs a huge nerf. So dont say the game was great before. YOU just said your team is 10 mil and some games agile… it’s the servers that have and always will be a problem and tbf they were bad this weekend because less people are playing.

    Not to mention a lot of your comments are subjective, i had a fun weekend on fifa.I normally bash EA but the gameplay was sooooo much worse last year and people still played. The real issue is burn out and people realizing they aren’t getting any better.

  21. Sounds like you just started experiencing what everyone’s game feels like since day one. Almost makes me wonder if they put in some kind of hidde. patch that acts like a virus and slowly spreads among the player base.

  22. By the way also go play like in career mode or something that fut patches don’t effect, and dribble back and forth with a player. The difference is more than noticeable.

  23. I’m new to the series and the sport in general but I still don’t get how higher difficulties have my guys triple teamed at all times when they have the ball yet on defense, my team is never able to do anything.

  24. It’s terrible, I’d take the Kick Off Glitches if we had a good game, but now they’re barely patched and the game is a joke. Honestly games feel like they’re decided on aids moments, like deflections or AI interference for either side. I was a very big fan of the patch before this but now I can’t play the game.

  25. I’m having a lot of fun. I played 15 wl games and won 13. This never happened before. Most games I had over 56% possession, amount a third at 60%, and only one at below 50%.

  26. I think it’s a mixed bag. The passing is worse which makes gameplay frustrating but makes passing a valuable stat to have on players for once. The shooting is much better as not every shot needs to be low driven now. Dribbling and touches are infinitely worse even with high rated players which is beyond annoying.

  27. Amazing how everyone on this sub is amazing and getting hamstrung by the AI, and everyone single one of their opponents are shit and basically have the AI playing for them.

  28. Agreed, I’m a 30-35 win player who will now only play to 11-18 wins just for fun. I feel bad for doing this tbh as the first 18 wins I usually only get 1-2 losses so I’m basically pub stomping for my own pleasure. I don’t even know what to do anymore but EA really messed this game up with this patch. I played a top 100 player and beat him 5-2 and it was so obvious to me that my players were on steroids and his were handicapped. I honestly wanted to give him the W, it was just so obvious.

  29. you’re play style is just the worst. oh, according to the game’s current state, tiki taka is THE WORST. by FAR
    The reason is very simple. defending is non existent so the best strategy is counter attacks. and tiki taka’s biggest weakness is counter attacks

  30. I had just recently started to get decent at the game, tiki taka quick passing and dribbling was my most effective weapon but after this latest patch all of the things that were working for me don’t or aren’t anywhere near as effective. For starters the whole game now feels completely slowed down, this wouldn’t be that bad except for they’ve made every player now turn like tanks. Players now misplace and underhit 10 yard passes that were guaranteed before the patch, players can’t control the ball far more often, low driven shot and weak foot shots have been waaaay nerfed imo. They’ve seemed to add so much more error and randomness on everything.

    What pisses me off most is that i spent so long trying so get good at the game when it played a certain way for them just to add a patch that changes it to the point where i now find it unplayable or at the very least a much more frustrating and “random” experience where it feels like i now have less control over my players than ever before.

  31. Too much truth. Decided that i have had enough of this yesterday and deleted my club worth 5 mil (bye Cr7, Vieira, Petit, Costa, Ddg, Ramos) and uninstalled the game. You milked me good EA. No more bs, i’m out.

  32. I stopped playing this weekend. It’s probably the final straw for me. I just can’t comprahend how EA think it’s okay to changed the game this much at the halfway point in it’s lifespan.

    Sure I could spend another but load of time adjusting to the new gameplay (for the 3rd time in 5 months) but I just can’t find the motivation.

  33. Exactly, all the fucks praising the next patch when it came out play such weird and boring gameplay.

  34. Actually i feel that script is waaaaaaay more present, really it look like a fucking giant dice

  35. Gameplay is so much better after the patch, literally ticky tacka passing is dumb, yeah his pass 18 times w.o even looking and there all perfectly placed,

    now you actually have to look at who your passing to, see if there open and pass, yeah sometimes it comes out shitty but it also depends on your players passing rating.
    i get it you have a 10 mil team, and your doing worse, but good players will adapt, and thats just how it is, bad players will make excuses and keep complaining until ea nerfs or buffs something to benefit them.

  36. OMG! Every time the same things… stop complaining man it was always like that. Dont act its the patch because you had a bad day at FIFA. If you dont like it dont play it.

  37. yup! First touches are horrendous.
    Auto lunging is worse than ever! The amount of times my defenders have auto lunged and “accidentally” passed the ball to my opponent in the best possible space… fml.
    And for the people talking about “realism”… this is a game, how can it ever hope to be competitive if you are doing everything right but the AI fucks you over.
    (nb, not saying i play perfectly all the time! Im saying on occasions i make the perfect decision and execute it perfectly – mechanically, and then the AI does something i have not told it to do and fucks me!)

  38. It‘s sad to say – but i‘m feeling you mate.
    The same here for me.

    I cant play 3 consecutive Games without being absolutely frustrated.

    I dont have a 10M Team, but let‘s say 2M. Team.

    I lost to a Guy who played NOrmal Vrsjalalakikolo- or however this dude is spelled – out of Position – and he felt like TOTY Alves. 99 Agility and 99 strength.

    My 88 Salah with 97 pace had 0 Chances against this fuk“3r.

    The Main Thing is: although Games Ended 10:10 in the first week, it felt different and more fun.
    Then they patched, back to fifa 17 – it was ok.

    And now – the Game is a mess.
    I dont even enjoy trading anymore because they didnt fix the issue yet, that expired players Pop up…..

  39. >Post-patch

    Every single thing you posted was the same before the patch, yes, those things are pathetic and true, but not post patch.

  40. To add to the list:

    * Noticable increase in auto-lunges
    * Noticable increase in auto-clearances

    It just happens so much more, sadly i was unprepared for the patch so i forgot to collect pre-patch statistics to convert my “rant” into constructive criticism, for which i apologise deeply to EA /s

  41. I used to play with lots of like close control dribbling, but literally no player at all seems to be able to move the ball around their feet with any agility any more, I don’t really counterattack much, I try to pass and dribble until I have opportunities, but passing is a cesspool of losing possession to bullshit after long buildup, and I can’t dribble around a wall any more

  42. This is a good post. Very true.

    My most effective way to score now and it’s yawn inducing…

    When the opponent has the ball and you can finally get close enough to tackle them and take the ball, you are looking for that borderline tackle, the one where the ref might call a foul.

    If you get that type of tackle immediately hit a pass and look for a through run.

    For whatever dumb reason, the borderline tackle stuns all of their team briefly.

    The gameplay has reached a new low. I guess EA’s plan is to completely run down 18 so whatever mess 19 is will at least be better than this game

  43. Looking at the example you provided it simply looks like a slowed down game due to bad connection with opponent.

    On PC maybe 1/3 of my WL games are like this and you can just feel how big the input delay is.

    Players really feel like they are made out of wood and never go for the ball just wait till it is in their feet, not sure if handicap or just because it is hard for the game to figure which of the queued commands to execute first.

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