20 thoughts on “Player 2 has joined the game [Shadow of War]

  1. I was struggling through the first section (trying for a Nemesis difficulty playthrough, and my Batman-esque skills are rusty).

    Getting my ass beat, an enemy is about to execute me (no prompt), and an NPC human soldier saves me.

    Fucken Leeroy Jenkins over here had to bail me out. It’s like someone telling couch-bound Talion, “Seriously dude, you need to get back out there.”

  2. This happened to me on an overlord fight I had attempted twice before. It was amazing. He got and deserved overlord

  3. I expected this game to be a cash in. Even the PC port runs smoothly with 0 hiccups (could use a FOV slider, but I got used to it sadly) – played it for 7 hours straight on first bootup.

  4. Playing on Nemesis difficulty as it says you get the full range of the nemesis system… I haven’t had anyone save me once… I am currently 30 hours into the game and have taken over Gorgoroth.

  5. Is the game worth the buy? I loved the first one but been holding off to see if the game is good or not and finding good reviews amidst this loot box shit that I don’t care about its been hard.

  6. This happened to me when i was fighting a warchief. He was about to kill me and a captain just showed up on a rooftop, shot him in the face, and won the mission for me. It was sweet.

  7. Man, I really wanna get this game, but I am worried my game will have the same quality as this gif. Poor little laptop

  8. Didnt this game say you wouldnt encounter a (randomized) captain twice?
    I had the exact same big guy in my game today (yet I branded him.)

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