56 thoughts on “Pixelated playing cards

  1. I got these. They were crap.

    EDIT: To clarify, they were hard to read, printing was shit, the pixels on one side didn’t line up with the ones on the other side. And the case it came in broke quickly. I asked for a return and refund and they refunded it without asking me to return it. Guess it wasn’t worth their time. Also, I’m talking about the Kikkerland Pixel Playing cards linked on amazon lower in this thread.

  2. Confused as to the benefit of this? Shouldn’t it be the other way around so you can only see your cards close up and those sat across the table cannot see them?

  3. Bought these myself. Like many are saying, they can be difficult to read (the difference between a spade and club is two pixels) but I still am hally with the purchase. They’re a cool novelty card deck and I can still play poker with them. I wouldn’t ever claim they’re superior to regular plastic cards though.

  4. ELI5 why it “dissapears”? I know it’s probably not that complicated but it’s f’ing with my head.

  5. cards should be as quick and easy to read as possible, this is the opposite of what a good set of cards is

  6. Too bad they didn’t become unreadable at a distance but visible up close. That’d be awesome!

  7. Now that Sabaac isn’t canon anymore, someone finally goes and invents Sabaac cards.

  8. r/blackmagicfuckery

    Also every other video this dude makes belongs on that black magic fuckery subreddit.

  9. Shouldn’t they go black far away then be readable when close up? I think that would make a bit more sense

  10. WOW! OK, this is weird seeing this here. I make these cards in my own spare time! Im glad to see you all like them so much, not sure if im allowed to post the link to my store here or not, but PM me or reply and ill post it!

    Thank you all for the kind words about my cards!

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