Our largest Minecraft map ever made.2000×2000 blocks. Took 8 months to complete

Onze grootste Minecraft-kaart heeft ooit 2.000 x 2000 blokken gemaakt. Duurde 8 maanden om te voltooien

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25 thoughts on “Our largest Minecraft map ever made.2000×2000 blocks. Took 8 months to complete

  1. Is there anyway we can visit this place to explore it ourselves? This is an amazing piece of art

  2. I had to zoom in to make sure this was really Minecraft blocks and not just a rendered image. Very impressive.

  3. The minecraft Community is fucking wild. U remember like 5 years ago a working penis was the shit and now they’re building full cities god damn you guys.

  4. I was about to say “But these buildings are diagonal….” until I zoomed in… o.O

  5. What do you do when you finish a map like this? After 8 months are you like “cool, now we can finally play Minecraft”?

  6. Curious, how do maps like this factor into “playing” minecraft?

    Is it just some servers like having people wander around and not touch the display pieces?

    Are the rooms in the buildings 3 blocks tall or more?

    How does monster spawn / not work?

  7. Meanwhile I made a 6×6 dirthouse like just to hide from zombies, skeletons, endermen and creepers overnight

  8. Wow. This is huge. Did you do it all by yourself? Was it all done by hand or did you use a program for some of it?

  9. Do you ever walk around the place and think, wow it was half a year since I built that bit, I never thought it would turn out so good… 😉

  10. *looks at zoomed out picture*

    Great, another troll post, it’s just a pict-

    *Zooms in*

    Dear God.

  11. How exactly was it built? Did you start with an imported 3d model? Because everyone is assuming you manually placed every single block.

  12. Minecraft is often overlooked as a kids game, but this shit still astounds me. I’ve never spent eight months of my life on anything.

    Looks awesome

  13. As a mid 30s experienced gamer, but with no real exposure to Minecraft outside of being generally aware of it since it came out and seeing it on reddit….what do you do in this city? I know a lot of the game is building shit, but if this finished city exists, what is the game at that point? Is there stuff to do? Fight monsters, collect materials/treasure, go to work in a sweat shop block factory? Literally no clue here.

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