Only $25 ✔️ No loot boxes ✔️ No microtransactions ✔️ Underrated ✔️ Underappreciated ✔️

Slechts $ 25 ✔️ Geen loot boxes ✔️ Geen microtransacties ✔️ Underrated ✔️ Onderbewaardeerd ✔️

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30 thoughts on “Only $25 ✔️ No loot boxes ✔️ No microtransactions ✔️ Underrated ✔️ Underappreciated ✔️

  1. Great game.. for all the right reasons.. it does have microtransactions though? You can buy skins etc for real money?

  2. Underrated by the gaming community but not by critics. This game does everything right but for some reason people can’t get into it. It’s so buttery smooooooth.

  3. Singleplayer in tf2 was amazing, short but amazing. I hope tf3 will focus even more on the single player mode.

  4. Could definitely do without this eyesore of a click-bait title.

  5. This, Battlefield 1, and tons of great games are available for $30 a year. EA Access is legit people.

  6. I haven’t played in months. Got on tonight and had a blast. Wish it got more love

  7. Underrated? Underappreciated? This game is praised by everyone and their dog. And these kinds of posts show up all the time for this game.

  8. Underappreciated? This subreddit sucks its dick all the time, it just came out when a more popular game did, BF1.

  9. Without matchmaking this game is kinda garbage. Your first game? Heres a team of lvl 500s. People who have prestiged 10+ times.

    They primarily use 1 or 2 of the main hitscan weapons. Primarily the CAR. Projectile weapons? Got some great ones. But no gamemode for them? I’d come back for that and only that. EPG is my love and life but playing against hitscan is so discouraging.

  10. A perfect example of how easy it is to alienate your playerbase so badly the first time around that it doesn’t matter how much you improve in the future.

  11. This game fall down is down to EA themselves. They sabotaged their own product. What with all the advertisement and launch for their other shooters at the same time as well (Battlefield and Battlefront). Battlefield promotional campaign seems like having 100x more budget then Titanfall. Probably exactly because the reason you stated. Titanfall isnt making them that much money compared to Battefield/Battlefront. People are already having literal wars between two games, Battlefield or CoD, not just for money sakes but people need to spend times to improve skillwise as well so they need to focus. Where does that fit Titanfall? and with the rise of Overwatch?

  12. Its a year old and came out at 60$ so using 25$ as an example is bad.

  13. If it’s so good, why haven’t I seen it on my friends list in months?

  14. Have EA found some more shekels to pay for more shilling on this sub?

  15. Can we talk about the fact that there must be paid shills or something on this sub to explain the regular titan fall propaganda posts? I’ve seen this exact thing posted at least 4 times

  16. This is literally just an ad. This isn’t content, it’s fucking shilling.

  17. Are we going with this circlejerk again? This would easily make front page at r/gamingcirclejerk.

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