9 thoughts on “One of the Best Modern FPS Games Ever!

  1. In my opinion… not really. I would have preferred more “tactics” like in the old R6s

  2. are a lot of people still playing this? could be a fun way to kill some upcoming spring break time

  3. Are people still into this? Wow. Thought it was another flash in the pan like 95% of modern games, but it seems to hold people’s attention. Maybe its worth a re-evaluation.

  4. I played it for over 750 hours and enjoyed my time with it. But it crashed on me like crazy, and with the release of the first Polish Operator it crashed a minimum of twice per match. I couldnt find what was causing the crashes even after contacting Ubisoft and working with a support tech to find the issue. The game ran fine until it crashed randomly. So i had to give it up.

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